Never let go of the light

A statement of Hope when God seems far away

 The feeling of being deserted by the one who has been trusted is the darkest and most difficult experience for a believer.

A failure. Ill health. Loss of a loved one. Disappointment.These situations seem to take someone down a path I would call the dark night of the soul. Here, people feel abandoned by God.They now have no visible reason to celebrate Christmas. Challenges have pushed them to the limits of their faith – they have called on God but He seems to be far away – and they consider letting go.

Wait! Please take one last peek into Psalm 10:1-18. Read it carefully. That’s David passing through similar situation.

Psalm 10:1 – Lord, why are you so far away? Why do you hide when there is trouble? [NCV]

It seems rather strange that the Godwho promises His children that He will never leave us or forsake us sometimes allows us to experience a sense of abandonment. Theologians sometimes speak of this as the ‘hiddenness of God’. It is one thing to feel that God has withdrawn His presence because of some known and unconfessed choice, but it is quite another to feel that He has withdrawn himself in explicably.

If we know God has withdrawn himself because of our sin that is a matter of confessing it asking for and receiving divine forgiveness, certain that when we have done so we will experience the nearness of His presence once again. But if we do not know why He has withdrawn Himself then how can we ensure that we feel His presence once more? This is the dark dilemma in which God’speople have sometimes found themselves.

Blessed are they who will not let go in the dark what they have found in the night. CWR

Judging by Psalm 10, the psalmist seems to have gone through this experience. Yet by the time he ends the psalm he is affirming that the fact that God does see trouble and grief and is a father to the fatherless. There must be some deep divine purpose in an experience such as this. It is perhaps to test whether or not we trust God in the dark, if we walk by faith and not by sight? If it is then the psalmist appears tohave made that translation.

Our Saviour, Jesus, passed through his own moment of feeling forsaken by God, but see what resulted – our salvation. God was working behind the scene to make available our redemption. Maybe God’s working behind the scene to produce far more glorious in your life. Mark 15:34. Take courage in this for very soon, there will come your moment of glory.

Psalm 10:14 – But you see the trouble and the distress, and you will do something. The poor can count on you, and so can orphans. [CEV]

Please do not let go in the darkness what you have discovered in the glow and realization of God’s divine presence. Take the Psalmist’s translation. It will be well with you. Amen.

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Today is Christmas Eve

Most homes of people who celebrate Christmas will be bustling with last minute preparation activities by now. To many, the significance of Christmas lies in the lights, decorations, harmattan’s chilled winds, food and gifts. It’s a beautiful sight.

But have you stopped to consider the first Christmas? It couldn’t have been interesting like it is now. Imagine we’re playing real time: What do you think will be happening to Mary and Joseph, Jesus’ parents now?

They must have heard the instruction to go to their hometown for the census. It would not be too convenient for them, bearing it in mind that Mary was about due. But a law must be obeyed, so they had to travel uphill about 6-8 miles from Nazareth, Galilee to Bethlehem, Judea most likely on a donkey. How nice that journey would be! I can imagine a pregnant woman rocking for more than two hours in the cold!

Let’s do some quick arithmetic:

A mile is equivalent to 1.6 kilometers and it takes an adult about 12 minutes to walk a kilometer. So it takes roughly 2 hours 33 minutes to travel 8 miles (12.8 km).

Not a long journey, you say. But think of the stress a 2 and a half hour walk will have on a pregnant woman with an EDD (expected day of delivery) tomorrow! Maybe she was not walking… but a smooth 2 and half hour drive in a car is not the same as Mary rocking on an uneven road on a donkey. It’s not a funny experience.

Have you ridden a horse before? Smooth ride? Hardly. Especially for a pregnant woman. Thank God she counted it a privilege.

It’s 11:30pm – maybe they are almost reaching Bethlehem. No. They would have gotten to Bethlehem by now and heard the worst news of the century: there is no room in the inn!

So they are probably looking for a place to stay. They’ve just walked past a stable when Mary grabs her husband’s tunic and begins to cry “Joseph, Joseph I think the baby’s coming. I’m having contractions now…”

Looking right and spotting a stable at a distance, Joseph shrugs and says, “We’ve got no choice Marie…”

So tomorrow, the Saviour of the world will be born and laid in a MANGER (animal’s feeding trough!), wrapped in swaddling clothes.


Jesus Christ was born into harsh conditions, and this would just begin his journey of obedience which will stretch all the way to the cross.

For you and me.

Back to AD 2013, December 24.

He’s done it. He’s paid the price – gone to the cross and come back with victory: LIFE. That’s why we celebrate Him.

His pain brought Joy to the world. He gives eternal life and peace with God to as many as will accept His offer of life and put their trust in Him. Soon, He’ll come, this time in Glory, to take us with him to meet God in our new home.

Is His Joy active in your heart? Or will you wait till it’s too late? As you celebrate, remember the celebrant.

Tomorrow is the d-day! So, it’s Merry Christmas from me.


Turn on the light

Christmas-Garland1A friend asked me is it right to celebrate Christmas owing to the history behind the selection of the date. He asked me to give scriptural backing!

So, I thought for a split second and tossed the thoughts outta the window! Do you know why?

I understand that some guys have some reservations about the date selected, the funny festivals performed those days and all, but truth still remains that Christmas is about the birth of Christ. And I celebrate Christ.

The angel, the shepherds and three wise men celebrated the birth of the Saviour of the world and used the opportunity to tell others about him. That’s what I do too. Luke 2:8-17, Matt 2:1-12.

In spite of the history behind December 25, I am not celebrating the date, but the person and that is scriptural. That world might have hijacked the date but not my Christ. The exactness of the date might not be known but the truth of the event is certain – Christ came to the world to save us – and that is worth celebrating.

I celebrate the joy of the season of Light, the privilege to be called ‘child of God’ and the opportunity to share the gospel at Christmas or whichever day.

Christmas is not just a cool season, it’s a great one – God became man so that man can become divine. It’s glorious, and I don’t care if it is celebrated on January 1st or April 16. Romans 14.

It is my Jesus, the Light!

If the Light has never been on in your life – if Christ hasn’t washed you clean and is not reigning, you can start a relationship with Him today.

The Bible says that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved [Rom 10:9].

So if you want to do that now, then say this prayer:

Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for dying for my sins. The sacrifice of your life for mine is more than I can ever know. I have been living in sin all this while. Lord, I know this has to change. Please, forgive all my sins. Come and be Lord and Saviour of my life. Come and be the centre of my life. Please lead me to grow in knowing You. Thank You Jesus.

Now you are passed from death to life. Let’s hear of your decision: +2347055911914 and lets help you on this great JOURNEY.



Season of Light

People sitting out their lives in the dark saw a huge light;

Sitting in that dark, dark country of death, they watched the sun come up.

– Matthew 4:16 


Imagine that there’s nothing like the sun. Imagine all we had was darkness. Or night.

Terrible, right? Some of us can’t even imagine a day without the light.

But, you know, it wouldn’t be that bad because we would be used to it. We wouldn’t know that we are missing a lot. The beauty of a sunrise or setting. We wouldn’t appreciate colours much. The mix up: blue will look like green, yellow like orange, even with a light bulb.

But then, it would be normal.

In the dark, evil would be normal. Mistakes would be normal. Excuses would be normal. It would be normal for young people to mess up. It would be normal for low lifers to blame their disadvantaged backgrounds. It would be normal, and that normal is dangerous.

But when light comes, we begin to discover what we missed this while. Flowers. The types of insect flying around. Blue from green. Yellow from Orange. Only in light can we appreciate beauty.

And Life.

They say the dawning of day makes us forget the horrors of the night. I agree. And then we appreciate truth. Guidance and direction in life.

Christmas is usually symbolized in our world by pine trees, ornaments, decorations, gifts, and lights. Yes. Lights. People put up lights of various sizes and colours which blink on and off according to the rhythm of the music.

Now light is here.

Christmas celebrates when God put up a light once and for all to illuminate the dark world .

John 1:4 – In him there was life, and that life was the light of all people. [NCV]

But many people still evade this light – they still prefer to walk in the dark. They still make bad choices. They are still deceived and disappointed in relationships. They still fail in life. They are still tormented with sin, pain and have no hope. They still chase money and all things that cannot fill. They refuse to come to this LIGHT.

Are you one of them?

Love came down to change the world forever. Stop groping in the dark. Stop chasing after what does not satisfy. The LIGHT is the celebrant who mostly gets left out of his own birthday.

Who is this light we are talking about?

He is Jesus Christ the saviour of the world. He came from heaven, lived, died and rose again to give us life.

Have you met him?


More to come tomorrow: Cheers!


I’m back o!

Hello friends,

Sorry I’ve been away from the net for a while. I got pretty busy in the last few weeks. but I think I’m pretty much readjusted now. It’s Christmas! Yes! When I though of this season, I thought of Light so HeirWalk 10 is themed: season of light.

I would be posting articles everyday from now on Christmas. Do well to Check on it daily at about this time.

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Happy Celebration.

Joshua Toluwanimi Babarinde

HeirWalk 9 released: digital copies first!

Now, HeirWalk 9 is out.

it was officialy released on November 1st and while the print version is in the press, I though it gracious to allow the online readers to enjoy this issue.

Please take time to peruse these insightful words from the treasure storehouse of the Householder. God gave the inspiration and we penned it so I hope you will be captured by the pieces in this edition.  Every. Bit. Of. It. And your life will be transformed.

This issue is themed: PURPOSE.

You can download the digest [pdf] by clicking the link below or put your email in the comment section and I will send it to your inbox.

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God bless you as you Learn, grow and shine through HeirWalk.




Joshua’s notes: most of my readers are not married, but this is helpful to prepare!

Deeply Rooted in Him


Parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Paul says it should be based on training our children in the Lord.

Ephesians 6:4

Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.

As with all other relationships we have looked at throughout the book of Ephesians, Paul reminds us to bring in the Lord. In doing so, we are to bring our children “up in the training and instruction of the Lord”. The Greek word for ‘training’ is ‘paideia’ and it means “to instruct”. “It also carries the implication of chastening or discipline, because effective instruction often includes discipline and correction. The Greek word for ‘instruction’ is ‘nouthesia’ which means “an admonition, warning , exhortation”.  “nouthesia is any word of encouragement or reproof which leads to correct behavior.

Paul is suggesting parenting is a balance of encouragement and discipline in order…

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Free Country

nigeria2Today, the citizens of my country are celebrating with mixed feelings.

Ten or twenty years ago, we would have all rallied to the stadium, bearing flags and marching proudly, songs of Oh! Freedom flying in the air. But not today – I doubt if that will happen. Instead, protest placards may fly about the streets. Smoke may rise up to the sky. Grieving unions may top the Strike gears and the day would be dry. The nation is torn apart by terrorism, violence, corruption, hatred and godlessness.

It was said that in history, foreigners would leave their country for another and seek to rule them. They told us that in 1861, my country came under the rule of one stronger than she. They called it colonialism. We were ruled by the Great Britain. The legendary Union jack was our flag. The Queen was our mother. We adopted their way of life, educational system, economic structure, religion and many other things.

We were told that they tapped our human and material resources for use in their country but they fed us and made us their servants. But 53 years ago, our fathers decided they were able to lead their own people. They began to lobby and negotiate until they gained independence from the British Colonial rule.

But some people claim that we aren’t really free. I disagree.

We wanted freedom. We got it! Are we not truly free and independent?

Yeah, we are. Technically, we are free: freedom is the ability of someone or a people to live and act freely as he/they choose without restraints from another person.

We are free! Truly free! We built our nation on the pillars of education, religion, economy and industry.

We thought the solution to our problem was freedom, now we got it… So what?


Anyway, I don’t know what you think, but I think this is a time for introspect.

Yes, You!

Man wants freedom. We want to be independent, living with abandon. Don’t you?

But is it really the best for us?

I know, GOD, that mere mortals can’t run their own lives, That men and women don’t have what it takes to take charge of life. – Jeremiah 10:23 [msg]

I can’t take care of myself. And I know that Nigeria cannot take care of herself too. The best we can offer in band aids for cancer. Every place in history where man wanted freedom, there was always an impending disaster – especially when the quest was premature.

God-devotion makes a country strong; God-avoidance leaves people weak. – Proverbs 14:34 [msg]

So this is what I believe: the solution to our country isn’t the pillars that have failed – it is GOD!

Maybe you do not agree. I don’t mean religion – the one that has become a business. I don’t mean good works – which we are incapable of doing continually. I mean GOD – the one who crated us and longs to be a part of our lives again.

We have chosen to live our lives apart from God and it has spelled doom for us. Now it is either we turn to GOD through Christ or we’re just joking about transformation.

While I love my country and I believe in the best, I dare to say that the best will not come by chance, but by intentional dedication to do what is right – turn to GOD.

If My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves, pray, seek, crave, and require of necessity My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land. – 2Chronicles 7:14 [amp]

Happy Independence, Nigeria. God bless Nigeria.

From Joshua Toluwanimi Babarinde.

What do you think? What is the solution to Nigeria’s problem? Or are we doing just fine? 

HeirWalk 9 coming soon


I’m sure you [who sent in your email] got HeirWalk 8 digital copy in your inbox. Did you read it? Were you blessed?

I hope so… really, ‘cos I got responses… some people were.

Okay, so… HeirWalk 9 is due to be released this September. and it’s a whole new dimension. I call it the ETERNITY FILES: a conversation with God. the first is ‘001: TILL HE COMES’.

Sneak Peek:


This is the forenote of the ETERNITY FILES:

…this article was originally written in August 2010 a.d. despite surviving rain and shine and 156 weeks of storage in treasure house, the truthful message of the original text has been  preserved even though the Ekklesia [the church], to whom the message was first delivered isn’t paying attention.

It was a conversation I had with myself and God, during one of the introspective moments of my life – I longed for more than activity. I came up with simple but hard truths that make for a victorious Christian life which gazes in expectation at the appearing of Christ.

But I stowed it away for three years until when I started thinking about…

Yeah, that’s as much I can give: no spoilers. Coming Soon…


It’s me, Joshua.

Now, tell me: what do you think of the phrase: LIVING WITH ETERNITY IN VIEW?