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1. Donut

Donut – Published December 2014

Since 2014 when Donut was released, I’ve been privileged to hear testimonies from some of more than 2,000 teenagers who have read the book. And its reach even gets bigger – it’s freely available online.

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2. Snippets

A4 Brochure Mockup - Free Version
Snippets: ebook released 2016


Volume One of Snippets – which talks about the phenomenal event that has wedged itself at history’s core and shaped it forever – is out! It’s the Easter edition – Behind the scenes.

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“Snippets” is the first volume of a “seasonal reflections for everyday life” series called Snippets from the Vine, which was conceived years ago.

The carefully handpicked chapters of this book will afford you a fresh look at Easter from a storyteller’s perspective. And I hope they will prompt you to give deep thought to your life at this time.


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