Meet Joshua

Joshua Toluwanimi Babarinde: writer. Physician. lover of young people.

I’m am someone who has simply discovered a passion for life and a purpose and is walking daily in realization of it. That purpose has involved using the tools of media and creativity, meeting up with real people and sharing what real life is and making impact among young people from around to over there and everywhere. From good to bad, and in-between, everything I have experienced in life has prepared me for this, while the present experiences are preparing me for the future.

I have a strong passion for young people and I have worked on numerous projects that reflect my passion to see young people connect to God early in life, learn, grow and shine in Him and live an abundant, victorious life of fullness and fulfillment, and not the empty and mediocre life the world system offers them. While I have a strong passion for young people and creativity, I am a doctor too, with sights set on specialized practice.

I also do some graphic designing, handmade crafts and book publishing under studio 13:52, a budding creativity company whole motto is to harbinger transformation through insightful words and inspired imaginations. I blog regularly on the HeirWalk Blog , which chronicles inspiration from my personal life journey and walk with God. This blog translates into a periodic digital and print digest, HeirWalk. Its fourteenth issue, NUGGETS was released in August, 2015.

Donut is my first published book.