I remember when I was younger and would sit with friends to discuss several issues from cartoons and video games to cars, school work and movies, then we would touch on problems in my country and some politics which for my country has always been a popular tension point. We would argue and try to proffer solutions to the problems of economic instability, inadequate social amenities ( no thanks, Social Studies for etching those words into my mind – every essay had to have those words! LOL!) and poor leadership in my country. 

Of the ideas we generated, one that usually came up was to have someone gather all the unsuspecting corrupt leaders in a mock conference and blow them up. I favored the idea because I thought if all the bad eggs were dealt with, good people will remain then we would have some peace and development. But we would struggle with the moral implications of murder until we “sight” one of our friends toss in a football.

Now I know better!

As I grew older, I realized one thing – Anhilation of evil does not come by destruction of a group or generation perceived to be wicked. I feel one of the reasons why God might have inserted Noah’s story in the Bible was to get that across. The society Noah lived in was terrible – the people’s imaginations were evil and godless and they did whatever they felt like – which resulted in evil. So God decided to wipe out the world save Noah’s family, who found favor in God’s eyes because He walked with God and was a just man. After God through a flood rid the earth of the bad eggs, we would have thought that everything would go right onward.
We all know that it didn’t. Death does not take away evil from our world.

Sadly, I know a feel people who still buy the annihilation idea, and many others who figuratively extend the idea to their daily lives – who wish their clearly wicked boss or coworker would call in sick so there would be peace in the office for a few days… get the idea?

As I mused on Noah’s story the last time I read it, I remembered the story of Jonah. For similar reasons, God was set to destroy the people of Nineveh for their extreme wickedness but gave them a warning by sending Jonah, who reluctantly shared God’s message after a failed flight attempt.
It turned out God’s word rent their heart and they did an about turn.
No one died! Epic!

Now, I rather say change happens when the word of God meets with faith in broken-hearted people, regardless of how evil they have been.

I no longer wish for an desperado to blow up corrupt leaders because it wouldn’t work – in fact, a new crop of scoundrels will rise up from their ashes. And though, sometimes I still wish some mean person will not cross my path today, I know that with faith, prayer, and the spirit-inspired message of God’s love, positive change can happen.

People can change for better – by the words that go up to God and those that will loving go to others.

Now, I can only pray that your thoughts will be renewed, your words divinely empowered and your life, an example to the evil world around us.
Cos, truth is, we all need God!


Snippet post: The scriptures and change


I have been cautious not to be too preachy on this blog, because I have no right to be. The thoughts I share are done in love, because Someone also shared them with me.

Few years ago, I read a book and extracted some lines from it. Here on snippets, I will share it today. be blessed.

The Bible reveals Jesus, who alone has the power to change lives. The Spirit of God uses the Word of God to change hearts.

Throughout the scriptures those who have had a clear understanding of the will of God for their lives have been passionate lovers of the Bible. If you are often too busy to spend time reading the word of God, it is probable that you will have to take time out to unravel problems that might never have occurred had you developed sensitivity to God’s voice as a result of setting time aside to listen to Him.

I have no hesitation in saying that the voice of God and the direction of the Holy Spirit is likely to come through most easily and most clearly to those whose mind has been tuned into the divine wavelength by the reading and study of the scriptures.

All I know is that the more closely I communicate with God in prayer, and the more time I spend with Him reading His Word, the more receptive my heart is to divine prodding and leadings.

Selwyn Hughes (cwr)
Dave Branon (rbc)

Have a great Day,

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