The in-between



I wrote this article a long time ago, but it didn’t just seem right to post yet. Until yesterday.

I remember the excitement and immense feeling of fulfillment that overwhelmed me when I got my MB;BS from the foremost Nigerian Medical School at Ibadan.

It was just like yesterday.


I also remember the day “Donut” was released. Great gratitude that my words finally came to print before the whole world.

On those days, amidst the fanfare, I got a moment to consider the words scribbled behind the medical anatomy atlas my aunt gave to me in Pre-clinical school:

“The secret to my future lies in my daily activities.”

I don’t know where she got those words from, and where the textbook is at present, but those words have resonated ever since…

…that each day leading to the “big days” matter. A whole lot.

Everyone longs for the pay day – the day you finally acquire that degree. The day you tie the knots with the lady of your dreams. The day you release your book. And so on.

As good as that is, we must remember that the journey to the big day is twice as fulfilling and more important as the destination. Setting sight on the goal, but living one day at a time, on purpose, ensures that you enjoy the details.

Each day you scribble the words for that novel in progress, each lecture in that college, each day you pray – all lead to the big days of reward. Those are the days of learning diligence, of building capacity in the dark so that you can fare well when the spotlight comes.

I discovered that, most of people that fall on their faces after they become famous stumbled upon greatness. The journey wasn’t intentional.

When you look for the reward at the end and pay undue attention to it, every day in-between might be boring. Knowing your paycheck is arriving at the next weekend can be demoralizing to your daily tasks at your job. If care isn’t taken, you tend to mentally skip fourteen days, busy dreaming about the pay day rather than putting the best into your work. Enjoy your work and a paycheck is a given.

Setting inordinate affection on the publisher’s royalty might stifle the novelist creativity because it makes you lose the art of work. Hence, work becomes boring, and your creative bank is a shutdown because you are not intentional with each day. Enjoy where the story takes you and you can be sure your royalty is paid.

Lamenting about your spiritual targets can make you depressed. Fellowship daily and you’ll soar beyond your expectations.

Remember that the future (whatever it is you set sight upon) is a result of your daily activities. And while setting your sights on the end is good, you will learn a lot each day leading to the end.

When you immerse yourself joyfully into your work (academics, business, job, art, that book you’re writing etc.), the good days, and the not too good days will become ingredients in the pot, which spices up your life, rather than obstacles in your way.

Having failed at preventing you from discovering purpose, camping unrealistically at the endpoint is another strategy of the enemy to make you a mediocre.

Now, Psalms 90:12 makes more sense to me:

“Oh! Teach us to live well! Teach us to live wisely and well!” MSG

It is sufficient to know and believe that the end is good. But the in-between days, leading up to the end, makes for the journey that will become a story later, and, honestly, that is what makes life beautiful.

Learn the wisdom of process because that is the legacy you will leave behind for posterity. Enjoy your work and apply this to every area of your life.

Count each day, because Each day counts.



Open Carry

Hello friends!

The new year has heralded the legalization of licensed open carry in the state of Texas, like many other states in the USA. Open carry means you can carry your licensed weapon in plain sight as you go about your daily business.

Thank you – Just what we needed to curb the violence in our schools and public places!

Yeah, right?

Most people can relate to members of the armed forces carrying weapons openly especially when they are about their duty, to serve and protect the citizenry, of course.

But citizens! How do we sift or tag people from ehn… “people”? You know what I mean?

Though it’s not clear if this represents a short-term trend, it sure wouldn’t be awkward anymore to see adults slinging smoking Kalashnikovs across their backs or tucking semi-automatics in belt holsters.

Then blood would be everywhere…

Okay, that’s a gross description. It’s just that I struggle to fight it off my mind. It’s only handguns anyway. Or it isn’t?

I feel the tension alone that comes with knowing that there might be five or more loaded guns around when I go to the nearby McDonald’s is just not good for my heart.

Okay, I’m exaggerating again, right?

While I haven’t figured out how open carry will effectively address the despicable heart of man, I can understand the concern of those who want to defend their loved ones from the unjust crimes that has plagued public places in the United States.

Well… for now, I can only watch what happens and pray for peace and safety in the nation.


This news came on abc13 on new year’s day as I was thinking about 2016. Then like a spark, I realized the idea of “open carry” isn’t a bad idea at all for this year and beyond.

Academy’s prices are tempting, but no, I’m not about to buy a semi-automatic.

I’m talking about your commitment to living a purposeful life.

The one you made five days ago.

There are intruders standing at the door of your heart, trying to break in this year. The subtle but powerful schemes that will tempt you against following through – those old or new habits that will trip you up this year, thoughts that will cripple your dreams and attractive friendships that will shipwreck your goals – are set to shoot.

But you can defend yourself. With the open carry of God’s weapons!

Though Ephesians 6:10-11 reads to my ears like, “… openly carry God’s Kalashnikov so that you can defeat the devil’s schemes…” It actually reads like this in the Message paraphrase:

“And that about wraps it up. God is strong, and he wants you strong. So take everything the Master has set out for you, well-made weapons of the best materials. And put them to use so you will be able to stand up to everything the Devil throws your way.”

Truth. Righteous living. Readiness to share the news of Peace. Faith. Salvation. God’s Word. Prayer.

Here is a kind of weapon you must openly carry as you go about your daily business. There are no restrictions to where you can carry them to. And you have a license – don’t you?

Explore each and tuck in your holster or sling across your torso. Prayerfully set your principles. Arrange you battle strategy by committing your ways to the Lord. Discipline yourself to follow through the demands of excellence.

This new year is as fresh as it is filled with challenges and you’ve got to be armed with God’s weapons so that you can gain and retain victory always.

For this kind of open carry, I am a big fan!



P.S.: What are your strategies for making 2016 your best year yet? Kindly share with me in the comments below, by email or on Facebook.

I had my ample share of laughs from the hilarious comics, and graphic images posted on google by people from both sides of the divide. Just type “gun control”.

The task before you


Are you burdened by the task before you? It seems so monumental while you seem so infinitesimal.

It’s a trying situation, you feel left behind in the race and stuck in the rut.

One option is to throw your hands in the air and resign to defeat.

Another option is to #trust.

Don’t be paralyzed by fear of failure. Do not be overwhelmed by imagining what may or may not be.

What is it – an exam, a project, a series of decisions, a task?

Allowing fear and despondency overwhelm you will shut your ears from God’s voice, prevent you from receiving fresh encouragement and instruction. It will brood more despair and weaken your mind and body.


Even if you are in this trying situation because you weren’t adequately prepared to meet its demands, you must still trust God and do what you are meant to do, regardless of the time left. It often isn’t too late.

It’s all in your mind. If you can strengthen your inner faculties by prayer, God’s word, and a resolve to succeed as the only option in your mind, you can grind down any wall.

Cheer up!


No big promises


One of the first things I heard about inspirational writing is that you “write for an audience of one.” Write as though your reader is sitting across your desk. That way, you actively and specifically address an individual rather than just the public. It helps to release deeper creativity and words that are more impactful.

However, it can be quite depressing if you are not sure that even that one reader is paying attention. Seeing “zero likes” or “no comment” on your blog posts is enough to make you miserable the rest of the day. Moreover, it becomes easy to whine.

When I started writing “Donut,” I had fears and such questions like, “who will listen?” or “what impact will these words make?”

Now, eight months later, there are no big promises or fat checks yet. The work is not done, but I am grateful for the little blessings I get from time to time.

People are beginning to ask about Donut: that means I am saying something and people are listening. Only one or two people may mention it per week, or it may even be just a passing comment. They may not give towards it yet, but I know my message is clear.

… there are no big promises or fat checks yet… but I am grateful for the little blessings…

People want to get involved. They are asking, “What can I do?” Though, the responses are few and sparsely spread, I have figured that it is never about me, but it is God doing His work. Rather than whine, I will allow Him to lead me through uncharted territory to destiny.

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