Everyman’s Conflict

conflictI used to know a man

Whose name was everyman

Everyman meant much to me

Simply because of all he could be

Everyman is born to be great

Everyman has a noble purpose

Everyman has a capacity to create

Perhaps that is what I sillily suppose?

Everyman likes what is good

Everyman lives in Neighbourhood

Yes, Everyman looks just like you

Or am I the one confusing you two?

It’s been long we parted ways

But I can still vividly picture his face

Conflict Stricken, afflicted always

Ever trying, never finding his place

Everyman is neither great nor good

Everyman is the most misunderstood

Though for everyman holds great hope

With his conflict I could no longer cope

That demon also known as Anyman [Mark 5:9]

Tormented me with his multi-attitude

Not until I knew a Saviour in Newman [2Cor 5:17]

Then did I understand this deadly dude


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Author’s Notes: Every man desires to fulfill the purpose for which he/she was created. Unfortunately, not every man fulfills PURPOSE. Definitely, a man that would fulfill purpose must not be like every man-that’s exactly what this allegory* pictures. Everyman’s conflict talks about the challenge facing every man-that of fulfilling purpose. I hope I succeed in getting you confused with everyman’s conflict so that God can rediscover you to fulfill his purpose.

*allegory – the symbolic expression of a deeper meaning through a story or scene acted out by human, animal, or mythical characters.

 Written by Babarinsa Oluwatoba