Thank God for home (mom’s baking) and school (biology, I think!) If you have a mom who bakes or makes pastries, and attended a good elementary school like mine, you will relate perfectly to my post today.

If not, oh well – go collect some change.

I’m kidding, alright?

It’s the baker’s yeast I want to talk about.

We all know (you should know!) that the baker’s yeast is the common name for the strains of yeast (a single-celled organism) commonly used as a leavening agent in baking bread and bakery products, where it converts the fermentable sugars present in the dough into carbon dioxide and ethanol. Summarily, yeast works it’s way through a chunk of dough and makes it rise.

So yesterday, when I read the part where Jesus was talking about the kingdom and likening it to yeast (13th chapter of doctor Luke’s first book), it made perfect sense in my imaginative mind.

God’s kingdom is like that single-celled living organism that starts remotely and works its way through the whole world. Jesus, the leader of the kingdom came as one humble manger-born child, wedged himself at the center of history and changed its course forever. A crop of discouraged blue-collar followers grew into apostles that turned the world upside down. In recent history, we see one or two missionaries tucked away among cannibal tribes come forth after a few months to years with a whole tribe of believers. Or we see a new employee turn around for better a whole department at his or her workplace (or the whole region) in a matter of months!

The kingdom is a living and breathing organism (permit me to paint that picture) that grows and works its way around the medium it finds itself. Regardless of the hostility or comfort, it is programmed to breathe and influence.

You may find that you feel tucked away in some form of obscurity or stuffed inside some hostile environment at some times in your life.


Well, let me break this –

If you are part of the kingdom, you are INTENTIONALLY tucked into that place (that job, church, school, community, posting, exam, country, that disaster, career, situation, break up etc) so that you can live and breath and work your way through, to give the fragrance of Christ. This is your sphere of influence.

You are yeast – go leaven the dough!

P.S. Delve into the scriptures: Luke 13, Matthew 5. Thinking of Yeast, that might be a nice title for a sci-fi novel! LOL! Donut is still available here

My little Girl [Snippet Post]


I know a little girl. She has a foldable Barbie chair she sits on at meals. She’s five and she so sweet and special.

She’s so innocent and simple. Without an agenda of her own, she holds onto every ‘mummy says we are going to the cinema today,’ and looks forward to it.

She is obedient, and though she acts naughty at times, she sincerely apologizes when corrected.

She’s energetic, able to turn the room upside down but with good intentions – she just wants to play and explore. She always wants to be around me. I must confess at times, I feel like I’m bothred, but I dare not express my feelings into words, for I fear a hurt to her feelings. So I just wrap my hands round her and give her good attention.

She believes every bit of what I say, especially the Bible stories and she asks a lot of sincere questions. She doesn’t want to offend me. I can see the expression on her face when I scare her with my legendary, “I will not play with you again”. Then I quickly add, “If you are a good girl.”

I’m talking about my little cousin. And also about children generally. I’m fascinated by their simple lives, yet more interested in Jesus’ instruction about the kingdom of God, He said: “I tell you the truth, you must change and become like little children. Otherwise, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

I love kids. They point me to the kind of character God wants me to have. Unlike grownups – once we cross the toddler years, the innocence fades. We begin to think we can handle life ourselves. We plague ourselves with doubts within and fears without. We always ask why? before we do what God says. We begin to question and sulk terribly at every reprimand. We do things in our own way – and we self-destruct.

How do we receive God’s kingdom [all of God’s plans, graces, promises, purposes and blessings for our lives]? It is to accept it in the simplicity of a child – with utmost trust and happiness and eagerness.

If we say that God, the father has our best interest at heart, then, shouldn’t you, the child ought to believe him completely?

Happy weekend,


A life that Counts


Nothing dirty or defiled will get into the City, and no one who defiles or deceives. Only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life will get in.

– Revelation 21:27 [The Message]

The Dream 

It was a room – a typical classroom arrangement, but the lighting was just bright enough for me the man standing before a desk and chair. I took the cue and sat.

Before me was a leather notebook which had my picture on its front page.

“Open it.” He said.

The first page was blank as other pages in the book. I picked up the pen on the desk and felt compelled to write.

So I put the pen to the first page and scribbled. But I discovered that no ink was coming on the page – there were just biro impressions but no ink mark at all.

I flicked the pen repeatedly to shake some ink back to the tip and wrote again. Still not as little as a dot of ink appeared.

“The ink is finished.” I looked up to the one who sat before me.

“No, it’s not.” He gently replied.

Then, I was puzzled. “Then why isn’t it writing?” I asked.

“That’s my book –” And when his index finger touched the book, he continued.

“And in my book, it’s only a life lived for me that counts – everything else goes unregistered.”


Then I woke up as soon as realization swept over me.

The Reality

In the book of our lives [each day a page], it is only the life lived for God that counts. Every other pursuit in life is not true enough to be registered in God’s book. And God’s book is the pass for God’s kingdom.

Consider today,


What does it mean to live for God? Please add scripture references to help others [Thanks!]