It’s a Chapter


Three days ago, the e-book version of Donut was released for free download. Have you got yours? It’s free here. Don’t wait a moment longer.

It was my birthday gift to the world. Here’s a picture of the day – thank you everyone for celebrating with me.



I learnt something from writing yesterday that I want to share with you – Quite concise and phenomenal.And it is that:

A chapter is a chapter.

Seriously? I can almost hear you say.

Yes. As simple as that. It’s a simple truth, so simple that we do not think about it. Yet, we do err in this regard.

A chapter is a chapter. Not the whole book. Not the story.

And this is what it means – often times, you and I fixate on a particular area of our life – positive or negative and dwell on it.

Well, this article highlight the negative events – like a difficulty or a past area of your life you aren’t proud of. You view your whole life from the perspective of that event or situation and you refuse to move on. You forget that you have a God who cares about you and works out good for you.

I realized long ago that in spite of the bad chapters in my life, my story has a happy ending, because God’s story always ends in good for me ( I have given my life to Him).

Do you believe that about yourself?

Romans 8:28  And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. 

If you love God and are called according to his purpose, then for you, a chapter is a chapter.

You cannot understand a book by focusing on one chapter, no mater how hard you study it. Certainly, you won’t understand the message of Donut that way (so I’m saying read the whole book!)

So read the whole book. View your life from God’s lenses – It’s an awesome picture. As you go through life, grasp the whole counsel for God for you, and live accordingly.

His plan for you is good.

David’s experience in Psalm 23 as he journeyed among enemies and walked through Death valley tells me something about perspectives. Many of us, in similar position would fixate on the enemies and the dry skull bones along the path. That’s one chapter.

King David saw these things, as well as the table God prepared for him and the rod and staff to comfort him. That’s the second chapter (of his two-chapter book).

He read the whole book. And that made all the difference.

It always does.

Do likewise – read the whole book. God bless you.



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