The Wednesday Boy

Hello friends,

Here is a play ode I wrote as I prepared for school this morning. Thank God for smartphones – I do not have to sit at my computer desk to type.

Kindly read, laugh, pray as you oblige me.


It was a Wednesday, when that baby cried. The travails of nine months brought to fruition was worth rejoicing. An addition was made that cool afternoon, when the midwives sighed and family rejoiced. And the world has never remained the same. It wasn’t a perfect start to life, but it has been a worthwhile adventure.

He was a hairy and a sweet little thing. Growing in the hand of caring parents Like a budding flower, he brought new petals daily. Though wild was the world out there, the hedge kept the wolves out.

Every detail of his life up to this point has culminated to form a many-sided story of grace… because he chose the Father!

And it’s just the beginning.

Unlike some who sit and await calls and texts and then vex when their expectations are not met, I know that the volume of the calls and texts I get are not an indication of people’s affection for me.

I just kinda know those who truly care, even if they do not reach me on my birthday.

I know you care

Rather than bone or brood, I appreciate God, and everyone who has been a part of me up to this point. God put you there, and you did your part. Thank you!

For my love for poetry and prose, I carefully perused every message I have received so far – I saw a reflection of intelligence, poetical inspiration and earnest desires that can only come from children of the Father!

Thank you all!

My prayer is more of all what God’s doing in my life and yours too!


This year, I will continue to connect, learn, grow, shine.

This is my story, because it’s my birthday.

P.s: The title has no esoteric meaning. I was born on Wednesday.
The beautiful day goes on.