Thank God for home (mom’s baking) and school (biology, I think!) If you have a mom who bakes or makes pastries, and attended a good elementary school like mine, you will relate perfectly to my post today.

If not, oh well – go collect some change.

I’m kidding, alright?

It’s the baker’s yeast I want to talk about.

We all know (you should know!) that the baker’s yeast is the common name for the strains of yeast (a single-celled organism) commonly used as a leavening agent in baking bread and bakery products, where it converts the fermentable sugars present in the dough into carbon dioxide and ethanol. Summarily, yeast works it’s way through a chunk of dough and makes it rise.

So yesterday, when I read the part where Jesus was talking about the kingdom and likening it to yeast (13th chapter of doctor Luke’s first book), it made perfect sense in my imaginative mind.

God’s kingdom is like that single-celled living organism that starts remotely and works its way through the whole world. Jesus, the leader of the kingdom came as one humble manger-born child, wedged himself at the center of history and changed its course forever. A crop of discouraged blue-collar followers grew into apostles that turned the world upside down. In recent history, we see one or two missionaries tucked away among cannibal tribes come forth after a few months to years with a whole tribe of believers. Or we see a new employee turn around for better a whole department at his or her workplace (or the whole region) in a matter of months!

The kingdom is a living and breathing organism (permit me to paint that picture) that grows and works its way around the medium it finds itself. Regardless of the hostility or comfort, it is programmed to breathe and influence.

You may find that you feel tucked away in some form of obscurity or stuffed inside some hostile environment at some times in your life.


Well, let me break this –

If you are part of the kingdom, you are INTENTIONALLY tucked into that place (that job, church, school, community, posting, exam, country, that disaster, career, situation, break up etc) so that you can live and breath and work your way through, to give the fragrance of Christ. This is your sphere of influence.

You are yeast – go leaven the dough!

P.S. Delve into the scriptures: Luke 13, Matthew 5. Thinking of Yeast, that might be a nice title for a sci-fi novel! LOL! Donut is still available here

One by One



My mum used to sing the song:

One step at a time

Only one step at a time

That is the way the Lord would lead you

One step at a time

Take that one step carefully

Walk that one step Prayerfully

That is that way to victory

One step at a time

The words of this song has not ministered to me more than at this time of my life.

As I seek God to make me relevant in this generation and to posterity, to make lasting impact in the life of tons of people, I am constantly reminded that lasting influence is not solely characterized by large scale ministry.

I have, in the past, prayed, fasted and cried for a launching forth into God’s will for my life. And whenever I do that, I am usually dissatisfied at God’s “slow” or “non” response because I have prayed from the lens that affords me a view of ministry as being valid if and only if it’s nomenclated, involves many people and publicly spectacular.

Time and again, the dealing of God in my life nudges me back to the catchword of the song:

One step at a time.

God will start with a few. Most times, one, and see what you will do with that opportunity. That one little fifth grade girl that needed help with “multiplying and dividing fractions.” That one almost broken-up family that smites your heart any time you see them – the one you felt the burden to intercede for. That one group in your church that needs to be revived unto optimal functioning. That set-mate at school or colleague at work that needs your help to shape up his or her life – maybe with a weekly Bible study or by praying together.

You can be that friend and listening ear your neighbor needs. You can be that model your little cousins seek. You can be that intercessor… You can be that “Barnabas” in the life of “Paul.”

“Ministry consciousness” in the mundane details of life is a hallmark of readiness and excellence in “Public Ministry,” if it comes. Every one step – of action or inaction – is a seed for the quality of your “ministry.” If you are faithful with one, he will make it two, then a hundred, then ten thousand or more.

But it will always be about that one heart at a time.

Do not clamor for “ministry,” while neglecting “ministering.”

“And whatever you do, in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the father through him.”

Friends, just be God’s hands and feet, where you are.