2015 was great…

Hello friends.

This will be my last post in 2015, and I have dedicated it to reflect on the year – how worthwhile I have used the 365 days given to me.

I have lived, not merely existed, within and outside this blog.

Within this blog, 54 posts in 2015 were read by people from 37 countries, according to my WordPress 2015 report. Well, I’m not crazy about the numbers. I’m more concerned about the individual lives touched by my write up – my reflections about life from a godly perspective, and I hope to do more in 2016.

Little fact – I discovered that many people want to change their life. The busiest day of the year was November 2nd with 44 views. And the most popular post that day was Change your Life. You can read the article by clicking Change your Life.

It’s one year after my debut book, Donut, was released, and I am still learning to live life to the full, write more effectively and blog more influentially. I know it comes one day at a time.

My life outside the blog (though difficult to separate) has also been eventful and fulfilling, both in daily living and in the pursuit of purpose. There are challenges every day, but I have been greatly helped.

It helps to remember that,

“I must keep going in the direction I am now headed.” Paraphrase from Philippians 3:16

After launching the Donut project in 2014, I have worked with the team to hold campaigns in various places, giving the book for free in a bid to help young people exit the life of emptiness and mediocrity and embrace a life of fullness and fulfillment with God.


Highlights of 2015 was completing Medical school and getting engaged to the love of my life! Through the challenges of life and medical school, God was there to offer help at my point of need. Clifford was also helpful in receiving my frustrations, hopes, prayers and testimonies. He killed the lion, slew giant and jumped off the cliff!

Funny though, but it was in 2015 that I realized that I am an adult – It smells like responsibility and diligence. But with faith and courage, I can surmount any challenge and live the dream.

I can say more, but I am overwhelmed with gratitude to God and thankful for the support of family, friends, and you – reader – who keeps me goin’!

2015 was great! But, I must keep going in the direction I am headed.

As 2016 beckons, the adventure takes on a new level and I’m excited and ready to plunge. The next best thing is in the new year!

For about 72 hours, I’ll be off social media and the blog.

Then I’ll be back with a blast!


See you in the new year,



Kill the Mockingbird

Have you seen a mockingbird before?

I haven’t but heard that it’s a special kind of bird, one of those that imitate sounds. Born of the thrasher family of birds, it is commonly found in North America.

Rather than singing their own songs, the mockingbird learns and repeats the songs of other species. And its’ pretty good at that – able to confidently learn up to 200 songs during its lifetime. The males are often more vocal than the females and can sing throughout the day (24hours!) during its breeding season.

Not only can these birds mimic other birds calls, there are a wide range of other sounds – sirens, bells, frogs, crickets, squirrels,  a home alarm, rusty gate, the whirring and squeaks of a washing machine  – within their capacity and these they do with grace and skill!

Nothern mockingbird

Now, here’s the catch: these mockingbirds are gracefully skilful at imitation! But why? Couldn’t they have spent the time discovering and learning their original voice?

And that unanswered question lingered in my mind: a life of mimicry.

I stopped thinking about these cute little birds, but now directed my thought to my own life and the lives of humans in general.

There is a mockingbird in every one of us – that part of you that doesn’t appreciate your originality, and always looking for someone to imitate. And when we’re not so good at it, we shrink into the inferiority complex.

Many young people want to be someone else. We work our heads off and spend so much time learning and skilfully working at being like that movie star, that businessman, that friend, that pastor or what have you – we try to match a picture that is isn’t ours.

Because of insecurity or unwillingness, we fail to discover our authenticity and how God wants you to live, and copy the patterns of the world system

Listen to what God says:

Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking. Instead, fix your attention on God. You’ll be changed from the inside out. Readily recognize what he wants from you, and quickly respond to it. Unlike the culture around you, always dragging you down to its level of immaturity, God brings the best out of you, develops well-formed maturity in you.

Rom 12:2 [MSG]

Let God tell you who you are and how to live – by communing with Him and staying in His Word regularly.

You are born with a unique purpose. Kill the mockingbird in you!

Share: in what ways have you been a mockingbird? What changes could you make?

What would Jesus Do?

Wot does it mean to really follow Jesus?
We sit in church and talk about following Christ, we even sing songs about it…
But are we really folowing his example?

Will u take bribes just to pervert justice.
Will you use your God given talents in a way to lead young people astray?
Will you abandon God’s work at a crucial time because of your own challenges?
Will you throw someone out so you could make an extra buck?
Will you neglect God’s instruction just to cheat and get an A in the test?
Or will you let the light of Christ flow through you to the dark world?

When u re going tru terrible challenges and tough situations, ask yourself this question: what would Jesus do?