A reminder

On November 22, 2014, after ten years of conscious learning and growing in the faith, I penned the first words of Donut. Nine days later, I completed the first draft, and God seemed to be leading me to publication. It’s not my first creative work, but will be my first published work. I realized I could not do it alone, so like Nehemiah, I shared the vision to a few friends who have lent helping hands.

Since then, work has been on to see that the book gets published before 2014 ends [by His grace]. Through ups and downs, thick and thin, God has enabled us pull through and retain our vision: to see this book that highlights the secrets to a fulfilled life, delivered to young people in schools, churches, youth groups/camps FREE.

It’s eleven months now.

Time has passed, but the project remains strong in the hearts of those who have bought into it. We want this book to be powerful in its message, to be of standard quality and to reach the intended audience at record time.

This blog is to remind you not to forget to raise us up in prayers as you go about your daily life endeavours that:

-God will fulfill His word by raising up financial support for quality publishing and packaging of the book and also for the series of events in our coming book tour schedule [The Core Campaign]

-God will make the hearts of the young people that read this book receptive to the message that the power of God might cause transformation in their lives.

-God will continue to guide us in the process of publishing and the planning of the Campaigns, that we will listen to His voice per time for best output.

We believe that when people willing support a divinely led vision, it becomes a reality. Exodus 36:7.

You will find updates about the book, campaigns and more on http://www.eatyourdonut.wordpress.com. If you do not know about The motif and want to be a part of it, request for The Motif by replying this email. State “Motif” in subject box.

Also, a new website will open soon.

Thank you for your support.