Creativity tips for a productive 2018 (II)

Read part 2 of my two-part series on productivity in 2018.

Hello readers,

I’m sure you’re excited about the new year 2018!

Did you see yesterday’s post? Okay, it was not yesterday and I apologize for that. However, it’s great that we are here today. I’m excited to share this productivity tips with you and this part will be plastered with infographics you can download and share. The previous post of this two-part series can be viewed here.

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Today, I’ll continue by debunking the myth of the “Once in a Lifetime Opportunity.” Heard that one?

I think a “once in a lifetime opportunity” happens more often than we are told to believe.

Imagine a world where you are banned to a life of misery if you do not take a once in a lifetime opportunity at 23 or 15 (because I heard that when I was 15). I guess whoever coined that term was just trying to get his kids to be serious and not play away their lives. He wanted to say “do not waste your life!” with a bit of drama.

There are many opportunities to do deep work, share your passion and create masterpieces so do not be rushed. However, there’s no better time to prepare and hone your craft than now!

And if you missed today’s opportunity, start tomorrow.

I perceive that the reason why the idea of a once in a lifetime opportunity seems widely accepted is that, while opportunities abound in life, you may not always be prepared to walk into them. Often, when the so-called door of opportunity opens, many writers do not always have the assurance of mastery and a box (or hard drive) full of first drafts but are full of mere intentions.

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Start today. then repeat tomorrow.

Stop thinking that “consistently and “daily” are two separate words.

Why do you think most people bathe and brush every day? The simple but elusive answer is that most people have been doing it for most of their lives. I am one of the hundreds of millions of people who find it difficult to hold my brush and hit the showers the second time (at night.) Why? Is it because I have unhealthy practices? No, I do! I think it’s because this is something most people try to learn after they are formed. Give that same person some motivation and time – and it will promptly become practice.

You surely remember a drill that you had to undergo while in elementary school – the multiplication table. Why do you think we were able to all memorize up till 12 X 12 by the time we graduated from primary school? Were we all smart? No!

Well, yes – because we did it every day! Smart move!

I  discovered that unlike 1 to 12, we were not required to learn 13 X 13 onwards and as a result, only a few people do know the multiplication table from 13. We were not required to read and learn it every day but introduced to calculators! So mastery is curated in the furnace of consistent practice.

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Consistency is a great virtue to help 2018 be a productive year. However, I must be quick to point out that writing consistency is not the same as publishing frequency.

Stop feeling like you need to get out your message right now!

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Write consistently, but you do not have to publish what you write a few minutes after you do. A few cases may differ, but for 99.99% of writers including me, we can wait a few hours to edit, scratch that – and rewrite; show our peers for critique before sharing if we choose to. While publishing frequency depends on your purpose, writing consistency should always go on.

Take copious notes.

Most of my completed works started as paper clippings, ideas scribbled into sheets, several journal posts and in recent years Google Keep, Apple Note, and Evernote entries. Sitting down to write or create is what you must do, but the short insights that come to you on the go as you practice daily life often become the spice that infuses realness into your work. They will seem sketchy at times, but only until you sit down to flesh them up.

Keep a notepad handy or download a note-taking app!

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Stop giving people permission to gauge your dreams

I met more people that did not believe that Donut could be produced and distributed free without debt than those who cheered me on. But it didn’t matter to me because, at that point, the passion that prompted me was too strong to be checked by expectations or peer pressure. I wish I have that pump every day!

Not everyone will understand or agree with the magnitude of your dreams, and surely not everyone will encourage you to take the steps to achieve them. In fact, in my experience, more often than not, you will find you are surrounded by well-meaning loving but complacent family and friends, who would rather play it safe. Often these people have put out discouragement not from a place of contempt but a place of fear  – they have dreamed but have not been courageous enough to pursue or stay on track.  They dropped out of the race and their misery only loves company. Do not join the band!

Step out of the judgment zone. Step out of the pressure. Let the expectation that compels you to be internally generated. Do or Do not. There is no try.

Record your voice and try writing prompts.

This is one huge productivity hack I have found useful. Sometimes, when ideas for work in progress hit me while engaging in an activity that makes it difficult to put a pen to paper, I simply pick out my voice recorder app and pour my mind. Then I can transcript later. Hearing your own voice boosts your morale and gives you hope for what’s possible. If you hit a block of ideas, try writing prompts. You can find great ones over the internet.


You cannot create masterpieces in front of the world. Trust me, distractions were present in the creative life before technology, and internet only makes it worse. Remember that for every one of the planned writing time you spend on the internet (except for research), you are shortchanging yourself. You are basking in the transient delights of internet communication, wallowing in self-pity when you view the plastic pictures of your fake virtual friends and making zero progress. Only deep work becomes a masterpiece and I have learned from experience that the greatest secret to creating deep work is to completely engage your mind in the process – this made possible when you unplug.

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Create a community

I have found creative communities help boost motivation. While I can’t always reach my mentors I have creative friends who are always available to add stokes to my fire. By their critique, my work becomes better. This year, find friends who you can learn from, bounce your ideas off of, share insights with and enjoy mutual edification. Sometimes, they are all you got, and all you need to supercharge!

The next step

While life is a continuum and the yearly demarcation of time merely serves to give us a framework to structure life, there’s so much to look forward to in 2018 – Yes, YOU can start fresh and intentional!

Happy New year!



Creativity tips for a productive 2018: Part 1

Want to make 2018 a productive year? Read my selected Creativity Tips before 2017 ends.

Hello Writer and Creative,

If you live in the real world, you will agree with me that great feats are hardly achieved accidentally. Historical and current examples of men and women who have done great things with their lives show us that more often than we realize, excellence requires intentional diligence and consistency.

A few days ago, I posted the image below on my Instagram:


As we pack shop out of 2017, I felt everyone needed a reminder to introspectively evaluate 2017 and plan to maximize the opportunities of 2018 (because there will be lots of them). If you still think that opportunity comes once in a lifetime, you need to read my last post here.

“2018 is going to be a great year for the intentional creative.”

In 2018, I want to be a better writer, an intentional creative and an enthusiastic learner. I have been researching tips on how this can be possible and I felt to share with you what I found proven and practical. In this post, I will be sharing a trait I observed is present in all successful writers and creatives, called Consistency.


You probably know that one of the secrets to staying fresh and energetic is to write on a regular schedule (and the most consistent example is daily), and though every good book on writing maintains this as crème de la crème of writing advice, most writers find it difficult to practice. Yet, I can with near certainty, say that more than half of wannabe and accomplished authors will add any form of this golden word to their new year resolutions as 2018 draws near.

So what can we do about this?

They say, it all starts in the mind. I agree.

Start by agreeing with the fact that you will not find the time to write. The time to write will not show up like a lost toy you found inside the sofa while spring cleaning the house nor will you find it like a digger in a gold mine. You will have to create the time. Understanding this is the beginning of successful hustle. Though it feels good to bask in the delights of the few and far between child prodigy stories that have not gotten us anywhere than make us dreamers and wishers without any fire in our bones, I’d say that in 2018, start working on your craft. Whether you are talented or not, you need to put in the work.

I was not known to be the coolest guy in elementary, or high school (at least I didn’t think so), but I was known to be the guy that was very gifted in the arts. Anyone who wanted something drawn in school, or painted at church came to me. Friends who needed essays written, re-written or edited came to me. I have worked on many books, magazines, design projects for individuals and organizations since high school and I am a published author. Some have called me a naturally talented creative.

Guess what? It doesn’t matter.

It does not matter because I have met people who are not “naturally talented” but are now well-respected experts in the career they chose, simply because they put in the work! Interestingly, I also discovered that many people who are considered ungifted are just lost. Wait until they find their path and realize the power consistency.

Adobe Spark

While you cannot overemphasize the importance of a consistent practice of craft, your writing does not need to be perfect. What prospective medical student thinks he can perform open heart surgeries while still taking pre-med biology?

It’s… wait for it... the stupid one.

Sounds harsh, but it’s true! And I’m not saying the writer who thinks he can produce a masterpiece fresh off the start is stupid. I am just saying it’s okay if your first few compositions are not perfect. So, step one – Decide to consistently practice your craft – every day in 2018. How?

Just do it.

I know it sounds cliche, but the moment you remember you have to write, just write. The world will not end, and surely that episode of Stranger Things you are watching will wait.

Sometimes this writing practice will not always have a purpose other than to hone your craft.

We often wish every stroke of our pen or clang of the keyboard results in a masterpiece that will be adored by millions. Writers who consider themselves missionaries – who favor a specific sub-genre or theme – more often than others fall prey to this mindset. That is why we stare at the blank screen or paper and wait – for the muse – but end up writing nothing. You do not always have to write according to your selected theme. Your writing practice today may merely be to fathom the world sanctimonious – by finding ten synonyms or antonyms and using it in different ways within a conversation. On other days, it may be putting a backstory into your lead character’s life. Sometimes, it may be reading a prose written by someone you respect or writing the draft of the story you aren’t sure how it’s going to end. Sometimes, its using computer-generated writing prompts!

Quality is often extracted from quantity.

I secretly wish everything I create becomes a masterpiece, but I know that nothing in life works like that. We celebrate the great artists, composers, and writers of old but do you realize that for every famous work of Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simon, there are hundreds of paintings that weren’t so famous? Have you seen how many sketchbooks accomplished artists keep? Ever heard of rough drafts? No one sees those, yet they form the foundation for masterpieces and bestsellers.

Adobe Spark (1)

The thought that the world has to see everything you write is the beginning of frustration, because, truthfully, we usually start with nonsense. Get used to it. One of the most celebrated American writers of the last two centuries, Ray Bradbury reportedly said “every writer has a million bad words in them.  The sooner you get through that first million, the faster you get to the words worth sharing.” Another writer, Malcolm Gladwell proposed that 10,000 hours of deliberate practice are needed to become world-class in any field. While I do not necessarily fix an arbitrary number to it, I agree with the attitude of consistent deliberate practice behind those words. The sooner you can get beyond 10,000 words or 10,000 hours, the earlier you can start creating enthralling masterpieces.

The movie Starwars was not shot a few hours after the scriptwriter came up with the story – it surely took months and years of work! An accomplished athlete is not one who stumbles onto the Olympics but spends hours practicing for the games.

So why should your writing be different?

I will pause here so you can digest the words above. Tomorrow, we will dive deep into the nitty-gritty of Consistency. Stay creative!



Open Carry

Hello friends!

The new year has heralded the legalization of licensed open carry in the state of Texas, like many other states in the USA. Open carry means you can carry your licensed weapon in plain sight as you go about your daily business.

Thank you – Just what we needed to curb the violence in our schools and public places!

Yeah, right?

Most people can relate to members of the armed forces carrying weapons openly especially when they are about their duty, to serve and protect the citizenry, of course.

But citizens! How do we sift or tag people from ehn… “people”? You know what I mean?

Though it’s not clear if this represents a short-term trend, it sure wouldn’t be awkward anymore to see adults slinging smoking Kalashnikovs across their backs or tucking semi-automatics in belt holsters.

Then blood would be everywhere…

Okay, that’s a gross description. It’s just that I struggle to fight it off my mind. It’s only handguns anyway. Or it isn’t?

I feel the tension alone that comes with knowing that there might be five or more loaded guns around when I go to the nearby McDonald’s is just not good for my heart.

Okay, I’m exaggerating again, right?

While I haven’t figured out how open carry will effectively address the despicable heart of man, I can understand the concern of those who want to defend their loved ones from the unjust crimes that has plagued public places in the United States.

Well… for now, I can only watch what happens and pray for peace and safety in the nation.


This news came on abc13 on new year’s day as I was thinking about 2016. Then like a spark, I realized the idea of “open carry” isn’t a bad idea at all for this year and beyond.

Academy’s prices are tempting, but no, I’m not about to buy a semi-automatic.

I’m talking about your commitment to living a purposeful life.

The one you made five days ago.

There are intruders standing at the door of your heart, trying to break in this year. The subtle but powerful schemes that will tempt you against following through – those old or new habits that will trip you up this year, thoughts that will cripple your dreams and attractive friendships that will shipwreck your goals – are set to shoot.

But you can defend yourself. With the open carry of God’s weapons!

Though Ephesians 6:10-11 reads to my ears like, “… openly carry God’s Kalashnikov so that you can defeat the devil’s schemes…” It actually reads like this in the Message paraphrase:

“And that about wraps it up. God is strong, and he wants you strong. So take everything the Master has set out for you, well-made weapons of the best materials. And put them to use so you will be able to stand up to everything the Devil throws your way.”

Truth. Righteous living. Readiness to share the news of Peace. Faith. Salvation. God’s Word. Prayer.

Here is a kind of weapon you must openly carry as you go about your daily business. There are no restrictions to where you can carry them to. And you have a license – don’t you?

Explore each and tuck in your holster or sling across your torso. Prayerfully set your principles. Arrange you battle strategy by committing your ways to the Lord. Discipline yourself to follow through the demands of excellence.

This new year is as fresh as it is filled with challenges and you’ve got to be armed with God’s weapons so that you can gain and retain victory always.

For this kind of open carry, I am a big fan!



P.S.: What are your strategies for making 2016 your best year yet? Kindly share with me in the comments below, by email or on Facebook.

I had my ample share of laughs from the hilarious comics, and graphic images posted on google by people from both sides of the divide. Just type “gun control”.





Church Services.


Family Gatherings.


And so on.

In different ways, people celebrate cross-overs.

Yesterday, everyone the world over, at varying times, started 2016.


I had a really wonderful new year’s day. Family came over and we had a little gathering where we recounted God’s goodness and committed the new year to God’s hands. While replacing cutlery after the last visitor left the house, I suddenly realized, among other issues, that I will resume work in three days. And my board exams are drawing nearer.

Whew! After the glamorous celebrations, real life has begun.

Maybe for you, you will spot your uncompleted homework lying open on the study table. Or your grumpy in-law still lives with you. Thoughts that paused for the holidays will resume and in a few days, you will remember that you need to exert discipline to pull through the challenging responsibilities of 2016. And soon, you will forget the new year excitement.

Hello! Welcome to 2016.

Now is when you get to work on seeing 2016 become the best year you envisioned. As the challenges reel in surely and soon enough, remember that your life is an adventure – each new level presents tougher conquests as well as bountiful rewards.

2016 will be a great year, with its share of “Ohs” and “Ahs”. But as you experience whatever makes your nape hair rise, you must always remember that you can do it with God!

For 2016, take faith with you! Mountains of differing heights will constantly surface but you can send them scattering by your faith.

Be courageous. Be strong.

“The just shall live by faith…” Hebrews 10:38

It’s important to know what your 2016 is all about. Pray about it and set goals accordingly. I like to draw what I call “planets,” listing all the areas of priority in my life and writing under each heading my goals. They help me focus as well as evaluate for progress.

Here’s a quote from famous football coach, Paul “Bear” Bryant:

This is the beginning of a new day.

God has given me this day to use as I will.

I can waste it or use it for good.

What I do today is important as I am exchanging a day of my life for it.

When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever,

Leaving something in its place I have traded for it.

I want it to be a gain, not loss–good, not evil.

Success, not failure, in order that I shall not forget the price I paid for it.

-Paul William “Bear”Bryant

There will be many improvements in my life this year, and among all that will come, I know that I will devote more time to writing, trust God more and get more involved in my life’s projects.

HeirWalk will have its look revamped and content improved. And (yay!) I am finally getting a proper domain,!


As I worked on the new theme, I stumbled upon the beautiful picture of a cityscape sprawling under stretches of beautiful clouds. It looked to me like there’s a seamless intersection between the physical and the divine. This is what I hope to continue to share– the secrets to connect, learn, grow and shine in life through God.

A new website is also brewing!

As for me I will continue to live the adventure of life, then sharing frequently about it. This service is a mere privilege to be involved in something greater than me, and not a reward for God’s goodness.

Join me this year! We will have a great time!



2015 was great…

Hello friends.

This will be my last post in 2015, and I have dedicated it to reflect on the year – how worthwhile I have used the 365 days given to me.

I have lived, not merely existed, within and outside this blog.

Within this blog, 54 posts in 2015 were read by people from 37 countries, according to my WordPress 2015 report. Well, I’m not crazy about the numbers. I’m more concerned about the individual lives touched by my write up – my reflections about life from a godly perspective, and I hope to do more in 2016.

Little fact – I discovered that many people want to change their life. The busiest day of the year was November 2nd with 44 views. And the most popular post that day was Change your Life. You can read the article by clicking Change your Life.

It’s one year after my debut book, Donut, was released, and I am still learning to live life to the full, write more effectively and blog more influentially. I know it comes one day at a time.

My life outside the blog (though difficult to separate) has also been eventful and fulfilling, both in daily living and in the pursuit of purpose. There are challenges every day, but I have been greatly helped.

It helps to remember that,

“I must keep going in the direction I am now headed.” Paraphrase from Philippians 3:16

After launching the Donut project in 2014, I have worked with the team to hold campaigns in various places, giving the book for free in a bid to help young people exit the life of emptiness and mediocrity and embrace a life of fullness and fulfillment with God.


Highlights of 2015 was completing Medical school and getting engaged to the love of my life! Through the challenges of life and medical school, God was there to offer help at my point of need. Clifford was also helpful in receiving my frustrations, hopes, prayers and testimonies. He killed the lion, slew giant and jumped off the cliff!

Funny though, but it was in 2015 that I realized that I am an adult – It smells like responsibility and diligence. But with faith and courage, I can surmount any challenge and live the dream.

I can say more, but I am overwhelmed with gratitude to God and thankful for the support of family, friends, and you – reader – who keeps me goin’!

2015 was great! But, I must keep going in the direction I am headed.

As 2016 beckons, the adventure takes on a new level and I’m excited and ready to plunge. The next best thing is in the new year!

For about 72 hours, I’ll be off social media and the blog.

Then I’ll be back with a blast!


See you in the new year,



AS we start twenty fifteen…


You might think that I put up this post because every blogger should put up something for the New Year.

Well, No.

I am blogging because I have something to say to you. If not I will shut up and go enjoy the New Year with family. We’re trying a roasted whole turkey menu this year – my first outside my home country.

So, I have something to say, and I will say it quick.

First, welcome to the New Year.


2015 started officially 12:00am today. But the preparations, I believe, must have started since last year’s retreat [if you took a cue from my previous article on evaluation].

HeirWalk Blog team wishes you a great year ahead. As you have stepped into 2015, I look forward to what God is going to do through your life as you connect, learn. Grow and shine in Him.

Learn a lot this year; it’s going to be a remarkable one.

Listen, God says,

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with my eye.”

– Psalm 32:8

I believe you have a word for the year [if not, listen to one before day ends]. Mark those words you have gotten, commit to the resolutions you have made, trusting God for strength to keep them.

I hope to share greater insights about God and life with you as we year for better.

Second, check up my new online platform.

new site

I’ve been working on a website for a while now, hosted by squarespace. It’s more like a central hub of all that I’m up to. It will contain personal information, HeirWalk Blog, the Donut Blog and the graphic design + publishing page for business.

It’s up today on It’s designed so you can access it from your PCs, tablets and Phones without any trouble.

Very soon, the squarespace suffix will be removed once I upgrade to the yearly plan. Kindly do well to check up and be blessed.

More soon…

Enjoy the day,


Kick-Start with God

new yr


This is a draft of a thought that crossed my mind as I was walking round the hospital grounds where I’m having my medical training. I’ve not so much of fleshed it, but I know it will be applicable to us this January, since we’re still at the year’s beginning.

Do you know that in the aviation industry, the most critical periods of air travel is the take-off of the plane and the landing? This is the period where the control terminal is most active, making sure that the plane taxis properly, lifts off the ground in good style and lands in its destination.

Same with surgery, it is in the intubation and extubation periods in anaesthesia that most complications do occur. The surgery is usually successful in itself. So proper pre-and post-operative management was the first topic we were taught in my first Surgery rotation.

This principle applies to your life. Your beginning and our end matters a lot. Many folks have disordered lives because their beginning was faulty. Many ventures close down because there was no workable continuity plan at the beginning.

So in short: Beginning is for planning and End is for evaluation.

God is interested in your beginning as well as your end. The devil knows your beginning is important, that is why he makes sure you have a very rough start so much that you spend the rest of life figuring out the pieces of your shattered past. Then he stays at the end of the year, to prevent you from making an evaluation for progress.

This year, He is there to make sure that you do not get a good start. Be wary!

Do a quick, an evaluation of your life. Are you in congruence with the plan you made with God at the beginning of this year? Are you living as Christ wants you to?

Okay, even if it is like you’re making a mess of things right now, though you’ve had a rough start, you can find a new beginning in God, and live a life that will end well.

Thanks to God who has given you a new beginning in Christ. When you fall, rise again!

But you know, you don’t necessarily have to fall if you keep yielding moment by moment to God. 1 Peter 2:21

How the aircraft people and surgeons do this is to know what will make a successful ride or surgery, take precautions, be aware of the pitfalls, learn how to overcome them.

Apply these same principles to your life – Discover what God’s will for you is and make plans to achieve it (Ephesians 5:15-17). Grow in knowledge of what God wants you to do, and what it takes to achieve success in life, then go for it.

Identify and avoid the pitfalls, Take heed lest you fall. Pray and commune with the Holy Spirit at all times. You will experience GRACE all through this year.

Above all, be calm for the master is with you. Matthew 14:27.



Repost: Tips for the New Year

I want to share the post again from 2012

I’m so happy that we all made it to a new year! And HeirWalk blog is still alive and thriving.

What’s 2013 going to be like? What principles will guide you this year and beyond? Let me share some tips with you. Tips that are like seeds…

Hand Planting Seeds

Grow in Knowledge.

Knowledge is important for a graceful abundant life. You are limited by what you don’t know. The knowledge of God, of yourself in His perspective, of what God wants you to do in life, and of the schemes of the devil sets your focus straight and helps you to live circumspectly, avoiding the darts of the devil (2 Peter 3:18, 2 Peter 1:2). Do you just know about God or do you know God personally? If establishing a personal relationship with Christ is the only thing you are able to achieve this year, it’s really okay; because that’s the good foundation upon which all other things are built.

All you need to live a good and godly life is entrenched in the KNOWLEDGE of Christ. It’s not my word, see what God says in 2Peter 1:3 – According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue: See!

Do you have a known clear objective for your life? One of the greatest benefits and blessings of the Christian life is an objective for living, provided for you by Faith in Christ. There is nothing more tragic in a human life than aimlessness. If you aim at nothing, you may be sure you will hit it. You may have talent, intelligence and special abilities, but without an objective your life will end in frustration, because you will have accomplished very little of permanent value. Our life’s purpose has already been mapped out by God, so all we need to do is to discover it by spending quality time with God. And remember that the determination to obey God’s will is required before He reveals it to you in the first place (commitment comes before understanding). His will is not to take you to one desert where you wear rags and live on bread and water, but that you will be a light to the world, however method He wants it. His plan is to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11.

Financial Discipline

Let me confess. I’m sorry to tell you, but I started 2012 broke… don’t pity me, I’ve thought about it and I discovered I’ve not been too disciplined with money. Not that I’m a spendthrift, you know, but my management could be better. And I have decided to learn discipline this year:

My rules of Financial Discipline

Rule No. 1:

It’s not realistic to some people, but I’ll advice that you save something out of everything that comes your way. As you remove your 10% tithe, also take out that amount (not too much anyway) that you have decided to save and stow it away (I still use a piggy bank). You can have another saving for the money you can take out from. I have decided to save 10% also. So that leaves me with 80% to perform rule No. 2 on.

Rule No. 2:

No matter how small the money that comes your way, plan it before you start to spend. When you get money, thousands of ideas and needs swirl through the pool of your mind. But, relax and think. Plan your money, ordering your needs according to priority, because, from experience, I know that if you do not plan, you will waste.

Rule No. 3:

Give. It is more blessed to give (cheerfully) than to receive. It works. Give and it shall be given unto you. This tested and trusted principle has taken a lot of people up the ladder of financial freedom. I’m next in line, and you?

Responsibility and Self Esteem

Do not compare yourself with others and do not use their principles to guide your actions. Before you make a decision, think about it yourself first. Weigh the pros and cons with God’s Word and make your choice. Of course, you can seek advice from people, but let whatever they say be weighed in your heart. They should either tally with what God has shown you or be discarded.  Above all, be open to let God guide you. He has said in Psalms 32:8 – I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye. What better assistance will you need?

Life’s Perspective

Endeavour to approach life from God’s perspective. See your friends and ‘haters’, as my friend will say, the way God wants you to see them, so that you can respond appropriately in a way that will glorify God. See unpleasant situations, not as a dead end, but as a challenge, a potential stepping stone to your elevation. Approach unpleasant people with patience and love, for you do not know what impact God would have you make in their life. This is possible with a walk with God.


Discard inordinate affection, improper thoughts and all evil concupiscence for these leads to immorality, the chief destroyer of destinies. Discard all things that will hinder you and get in your way, even if some of it may not be sin.

Jesus is the Author and Perfecter of your faith. He not only sets us going, but also keeps us going and bring us successfully and triumphantly to the finish line. Hebrews 12:2

These are few of the treasures God has given me to share with you. Have a great 2013.

You can place comments on tips you’ve come by that can help us all live fulfilled lives.

Beyond this year, may you enjoy God’s Grace,