Windshield or Rear-view?


Do you know that before Donut, Snippets, and the steadily growing HeirWalk Blog, there have been “Arise and Shine“, Gulp, Priestly Reflections, and Livingstone?
You surely haven’t heard about them, because they didn’t stand. Arise and Shine “digest” had about two or three issues and fell off the grid before 2007 or so. Gulp (2008-2009) “digest” didn’t fare well either, Priestly Reflections (around 2009 or 2010) is a testament to a blog that crashed as soon as it took off. Livingstone was a brand that failed to take. The dates are fuzzy in my memory, but the effects were remarkable.

“Anybody who says they’ve never been thrown or kicked by a horse hasn’t spent much time in the barn.” John Croyle (from Who You Are)

I’ve had both covert and openly embarrassing fails.

Our past mistakes or failures and the regrets that tag along can make us feel wholly inadequate for ever becoming much more than we’ve been in the past. In too many cases, it’s what keeps us stuck at home, stuck in life.

Although I check it up from time to time to see what I can learn from it, to pick up proper warnings and perspectives that might influence any decisions I want to make going forward, I am not stuck looking in the rear-view mirror – that will only guarantee continued crashes ahead. You shouldn’t too. Remember that the windshield is bigger and gives a better view.

“Past mistakes” is not one of the reasons to quit.

There isn’t, actually.


Come to the river

the river

Dear Friend,

I have been thinking a lot about you lately.

And my thoughts are domiciled on the phases of your life.

Especially the Past.

Someone says the past is history. But I feel you don’t quite get it. Quite understandably, though.

I see you heavily burdened by the mistakes of the past – the strain of past relationships, the grades you should have aced, or the decisions you shouldn’t have made.

Sadly, you still carry around in the present, baggage from yesterday. In your angry outbursts at work I see the pain from past betrayals; in your anti-social behaviors and cynical disposition, I feel your pain. At times, it could be quite subtle – phobias, withdrawal from people; in your unwillingness to leave the comfort zone, and try new things, I see the ripple of past failures and the air of disappointment hanging over your head.

I know a place where you can go to unload the troubles eating your soul. It’s a place where mercy flows to take away the stains and make you whiter than snow.

Like a tide, it is rising up, from deep within, and generates a current that makes you come alive.

It’s living water that brings the dead to life.

It’s the river of God.

I’ve been there. I’ve seen God move in my own life – take me from dusty roads into Paradise. He drowned my dirt in the streams that have made me born again.

When I emerged from the river, changed, He led me onto a life of beautiful adventure with him. And I’ve never remained the same ever since.

Remember, dear – past is past. And it’s called past because it’s gone. It’s meant to be. And there’s nothing anyone can do to change it.

But we can go down to the river to bathe in grace. And emerge new, and free.

Follow me.

Come as you are.



choicesSometimes I can handle it.

Other days, I can’t.

Many years have passed since I graduated from secondary school, but whenever I get news about the people with whom I once shared a class, I can’t ward off the nostalgia.

Yesterday’s choices have produced today’s headlines.

I am overwhelmed with joy when I hear of those who have bagged their degrees, relocated to other countries for good reasons, or those that have carved a niche for themselves in the corporate world. A few are married and many more getting ready for the big day. Some have opened businesses and are doing well in life. Others are taking giant strides in life’s uncharted terrain, desiring to be a positive influence.

Although, for reasons of time and distance, we are not all in communication, I say a prayer in my heart for all of them, as I marvel at the beauty of life: we meet to part and part to meet.

Amidst the celebration of these sojourners, there exists some heart-wrenching stories of those who have taken wrong steps and fallen on their faces.

While we emerged from various backgrounds, we all came to a phase I call the “age of validation,” where each one tries to make sense of his or her life experiences, adopt a reality which determines what path to follow in life.

We made our choices. And you know, “to choose a path is to choose its reward already.”

I do not regret the choice I have made.

And as I live one day at a time, I will keep choosing to live by faith, to pursue God and the enjoy the adventure of a life lived on purpose.

Still, today’s choices make tomorrow’s headlines.

What do you choose today?

Can you share with me in the comments below, how past choices have shaped your present life (good or bad) and what choices you are making today to get a better tomorrow?