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Though, it a bit adjusted for public viewing, this is my yesterday’s journal entry


Tomorrow is the launch of the Donut project and the unveiling of my new book, Donut. This is a dream come true – God’s dream of reaching young people to pull them out of emptiness to fulfilment. For me, it has been an adventure with hills and valley points. I have walked into uncharted terrain, and I am loving it, because I have a guide.

My introduction to the real world of publishing has opened my eyes to lots of lessons. One of which is FAITH.

Some things are not clear to you until you step out in faith.

On walking on water, Jesus told Peter, “Come.”

He didn’t say anything about what he would expect on the water. He didn’t say, “Come, while it is calm” or something nice we would like to hear.

Come. Simple.

Jesus expected Peter to rest in the fact that the Master over the storms of life was there, and He had said, “Come.” [Matthew 14:29]

When God calls us to unique responsibility, uncharted pathways, a life-changing vision, a ministry or gives us instructions [like writing a book or reaching out to people], He calls us to a life of adventure with Him.

The horizon may seem unclear at first and the details may seem fuzzy at best, but when we rest in the abilities of the God who gave us the word and who takes us on a glorious journey of purpose, obeying becomes a walk to be enjoyed.

We must rest on the fact that He is the one that enables us to will and to do His purpose. So God-strength is available for God-assignment. Philippians 2:13

Fear often plugs us to our seat. And trips us. Our experience tells us “no.” There are voices saying “stall” or “stay, you’ve not got what it takes.” It’s easy to want to see the whole path stretched out clearly before us – to be sure that “everything will be without challenges.”

God never promised us that. He promises us “everything will turn out for good.” And we can trust Him to guide us. [Psalm 32:8]donut_out

But you know when traveling on a winding undulated highway, you just have to do two things: trust that the road ahead isn’t a cliff, and drive with high sensitivity, paying attention to the signs.

In an email response to me, Brett Harris, the author of Do hard things and Start Heresaid of Riley Banks, a teenager who’s doing great thing for God, in missions and business,

“And she’s thriving because when God called her off the default path, the well-worn, easy path, the path everyone else was taking – she said yes…

“God doesn’t call the bravest, the strongest or the smartest, but when He calls and we respond with simple child-like faith, amazing things can happen.”

In life, you may not see the whole path until you step out in faith. You may not see the whole track until you take the first step. But the glory ahead – the promise of an adventurous life of impact, where we make eternal impression on the souls of men – should prompt us.

It may not make sense until you decide to move.

But when you do step out in spite of the fear, it will be a great adventure.

I am walking guided through uncharted terrain. I’m seeking the father walking on water, living the dream of my glorious life. I’m learning, growing and shining – and can’t do anything else!

Trust God. Join me.


P.S.: Updates and Pictures of the launch coming soon. Also, the unveiling of a new online platform.

As we walk on water,


A reminder

On November 22, 2014, after ten years of conscious learning and growing in the faith, I penned the first words of Donut. Nine days later, I completed the first draft, and God seemed to be leading me to publication. It’s not my first creative work, but will be my first published work. I realized I could not do it alone, so like Nehemiah, I shared the vision to a few friends who have lent helping hands.

Since then, work has been on to see that the book gets published before 2014 ends [by His grace]. Through ups and downs, thick and thin, God has enabled us pull through and retain our vision: to see this book that highlights the secrets to a fulfilled life, delivered to young people in schools, churches, youth groups/camps FREE.

It’s eleven months now.

Time has passed, but the project remains strong in the hearts of those who have bought into it. We want this book to be powerful in its message, to be of standard quality and to reach the intended audience at record time.

This blog is to remind you not to forget to raise us up in prayers as you go about your daily life endeavours that:

-God will fulfill His word by raising up financial support for quality publishing and packaging of the book and also for the series of events in our coming book tour schedule [The Core Campaign]

-God will make the hearts of the young people that read this book receptive to the message that the power of God might cause transformation in their lives.

-God will continue to guide us in the process of publishing and the planning of the Campaigns, that we will listen to His voice per time for best output.

We believe that when people willing support a divinely led vision, it becomes a reality. Exodus 36:7.

You will find updates about the book, campaigns and more on If you do not know about The motif and want to be a part of it, request for The Motif by replying this email. State “Motif” in subject box.

Also, a new website will open soon.

Thank you for your support.


No big promises


One of the first things I heard about inspirational writing is that you “write for an audience of one.” Write as though your reader is sitting across your desk. That way, you actively and specifically address an individual rather than just the public. It helps to release deeper creativity and words that are more impactful.

However, it can be quite depressing if you are not sure that even that one reader is paying attention. Seeing “zero likes” or “no comment” on your blog posts is enough to make you miserable the rest of the day. Moreover, it becomes easy to whine.

When I started writing “Donut,” I had fears and such questions like, “who will listen?” or “what impact will these words make?”

Now, eight months later, there are no big promises or fat checks yet. The work is not done, but I am grateful for the little blessings I get from time to time.

People are beginning to ask about Donut: that means I am saying something and people are listening. Only one or two people may mention it per week, or it may even be just a passing comment. They may not give towards it yet, but I know my message is clear.

… there are no big promises or fat checks yet… but I am grateful for the little blessings…

People want to get involved. They are asking, “What can I do?” Though, the responses are few and sparsely spread, I have figured that it is never about me, but it is God doing His work. Rather than whine, I will allow Him to lead me through uncharted territory to destiny.

Please support the Donut project by requesting for The Motif. Email me on This blog first appeared on my book’s blog Click here to learn more.



What to expect…

God gives the Word. Great is the company of those that publish it.

I Believe this with passion… the Lord will make the publishers of His word great. And He will send more passionate labourers into this publishing business… Anyway, peep into the “Donut” book specifications.

As I near publication, I seek ways to make this better…






“Donut” Muse: Reading Culture


I remember when I was in primary school, I had to beg for books to read from rich friends in my class… all the Enid Blyton books; famous five, secret seven, R.L. Stines, Goosebumps… all the local books too [Tunde on the run, Eze goes to school etc.]. I practically consumed every book that passed by my nose…

I remember when I was in secondary school; the wife of the then state governor invited us for a reading programme. We were encouraged to read because “readers are leaders.”

I read and read and read… and It really paid off: It taught me proper diction, vocabulary and grammar, it gave me knowledge of the world out there even when my parents kept us at home… it exposed me to broad and sharp ways of thinking outside the box… and helped me weigh matters more objectively. Reading has formed me greatly… no doubt about that.

From the day I met my cousins, they all had books in hand, and the first place we visited after my arrival was the library and they picked 20 books [comics included]! No wonder their minds are sharp. They think wide and broad… they are star bound!

booksSomething has to be done about the reading culture of Nigerian young people. We do not read! Simple as that. From the word go, parents have not persuaded their children to read. They have not encouraged them with book gifts. It is not doing good!

Ask a Nigerian schoolchild to tell you about meteors or asteroids or types of snakes or the currency/independence history in Nigeria. He probably does not know. Alternatively, will tell you he has not been taught in class.

I remember the after exam periods, instead of playing rough and getting injured, I move to the library and read… of the first woman to fly over the English Channel, of Dinosaurs etc.

In the absence of real experiences, books suffice [I knew about differing time zones, planes and cloud types before I actually saw them in reality].

It even affects the spiritual: young people now know next to nothing about God’s word. They do not even know the number of books in the Bible and their classifications… they do not know the commonest Bible stories of my time… They cannot even open the Bible without looking at the content…

However, I am looking forward to the release of “Donut” and to see to it that teenagers READ the book! There’s a great transformation awaiting them within the pages of the book…

Let there be a revival of the reading culture.

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