What do you see?

There’s this story of an intern prophet, who wouldn’t stop fussing about the enemy. He kept on going to his superior, “They’re coming… they’ve surrounded us… they’re drawing their weapons, they are…”

The veteran prophet, however, wasn’t a bit disturbed because he saw something and knew something. So he said, “Lord, open his eyes to see…” Then he saw fiery horses and chariots, around them, ready to defeat the enemy.

What do you easily see?

It’s easy to see the obvious. Our history and experiences have often trained us to see with Limitation-colored lenses. We know what’s difficult, we see what’s at stake if we fail, we see what it looks like if we don’t make the cut, we have vivid imagination of what sets us back. Challenges can be so overwhelming that you lose sight of the victuals you already have in you to overcome them.

Seeing the obvious is easy and safe. But it’s not all there is.

So here’s my challenge:

Open your eyes!

Open your eyes to see the power available in the name of Jesus. Open your eyes to see your unique gifts and opportunities you can leverage for positive change.

If you open your eyes,

You will see beyond the wisdom of this world. You will see opportunities in challenges and hope in disappointment. You will see sources of provision in times of scarcity. You will see love, truth, justice, and mercy in the moment of guilt, pain, evil and offense. You will see truth bud in the proliferation of falsehood. You will see hope and strength in the wake of turmoil.

The people that have achieved anything great have done so because they saw beyond what is in front of them and broke forth beyond the limitations of the obvious into the realm of possibilities. They saw what is around us, and in us — the virtue of the divine influence in our world.

Open your eyes, what do you see?

For your perusal, story referenced can be found in 2 Kings 6:11-17 of the Bible.

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In a bit…


It’s 3:59 am.

As I sit at my desk, I’m finding it difficult to sit still. I am about to release a second work, Volume One of Snippets – which talks about the phenomenal event that has wedged itself at history’s core and shaped it forever. It’s the Easter edition – Behind the scenes. Though many decades have gone since its events, the effect is still as fresh as ever.

Many hours have gone into this work. And without Editors and beta readers, a writer’s best work is like uncut stones. Oluwaseun Adepoju,Adewumi Aladejare Jr, Oluyomi Oloruntoba, Adeyemo Adetayo Adeoti,Osho Samuel Adetunji, Lois Oyetunji, Adegbesan Oluwakayode Michael,Ajilore Oluwatoyin, Dokedensi Uya– you cut, cut, shaped, and cut again, so that the world can enjoy this refined work. Thank you.

This is how it works: Snippets will be available on www.heirwalk.com for free download soon (0.9 MB is nothing, right?). Otherwise, I can send the book to your email inbox once it comes out (just let me have your email addresses). Then you can read (it’s about 40 pages) and share.

It’s that simple.



Watch Out this Easter


While it’s struggle enough to help young people retain God in their knowledge, the anti-God world system fights hard to kick against opportunities we have in seasons like Easter to share God with them… But we must not give up. Truth always outlasts its pallbearers.

Watch out for snippets!



The task before you


Are you burdened by the task before you? It seems so monumental while you seem so infinitesimal.

It’s a trying situation, you feel left behind in the race and stuck in the rut.

One option is to throw your hands in the air and resign to defeat.

Another option is to #trust.

Don’t be paralyzed by fear of failure. Do not be overwhelmed by imagining what may or may not be.

What is it – an exam, a project, a series of decisions, a task?

Allowing fear and despondency overwhelm you will shut your ears from God’s voice, prevent you from receiving fresh encouragement and instruction. It will brood more despair and weaken your mind and body.


Even if you are in this trying situation because you weren’t adequately prepared to meet its demands, you must still trust God and do what you are meant to do, regardless of the time left. It often isn’t too late.

It’s all in your mind. If you can strengthen your inner faculties by prayer, God’s word, and a resolve to succeed as the only option in your mind, you can grind down any wall.

Cheer up!


Remedial Class (snippets)


Happy weekend. How is it going? I Pulled this out of my archives for you to peruse and enjoy.

Remedial class

As we passed through the hallway, I saw many labelled doors on either side. I wondered what or who was behind these doors – we did not enter any. Soon, we came to the end of the hallway.

Then a door opened in front of us – a sliding door. I entered after him and scanned the room. Thirty desks-and-chairs stood arranged each having clocks on them. There was a blackboard to one side of the widest wall while the opposite wall bore old picture frames.


I sat at the middle desk and stared at the blackboard before me. REMEDIAL was boldly emblazoned on it, probably with one of the chalks in the box resting on the teacher’s table.

I was the only one in that room – brightly lit yellow-walled – and an open book was before me.

“What am I doing here?” I asked him when he sat on the teacher’s table.
“I should be asking you.” He shook his head.

I scanned my mind – to school: remedial was used for students with learning difficulties. It was a series of classes designed to help get better grades when session was out.
We usually tagged them extra-effort students.

But what was I doing here?
He stood from the table. And then walked towards me.

Each stroke of his mahogany cane on the hard concrete floor rhymed with my pulse. But I could not figure out what made me afraid.

“REMEDIAL class,” He started, “are for students who do so badly enough to flunk out of school.”

He sat next to me and continued. “But the teacher and school authorities deem it fit to give them a chance to improve.”
“So?” My mental check on my last semester grades assured me – I wasn’t extra-effort.

As if he heard my thought, he pulled out my report sheet and circled my A-grades – twelve out of fourteen subjects. “Stop thinking about these – these are ephemeral.”

He also pulled out a leather bound book and then I began to understand.
“This remedial class is for students with learning difficulties – that find it difficult to learn from this!” He waved the book before me.
“If you can’t progress to another level of faith, you remain in this class!” he slammed the Bible on the desk with so much force that I almost jumped out of my skin.

But his expression was soft as he spoke.
“Repeating in my school isn’t wickedness, but love. What you need to do to pass is to trust and obey.”

As you reflect onthe benefits of learning at God’s feet this weekend,

My little girl (reblogged)

I first posted this article at the beginning of last year, but felt I should post it again. It’s message is relevant at this time.

I know a little girl.

She has a foldable Barbie chair she sits on at meals. She’s five and she so sweet and special.
She’s so innocent and simple. Without an agenda of her own, she holds onto every ‘mummy says we are going to the cinema today,’ and looks forward to it.
She is obedient, and though she acts naughty at times, she sincerely apologizes when corrected.

She also had a formidable smile that melts my heart. She’s energetic, able to turn the room upside down but with good intentions – she just wants to play and explore. She always wants to be around me. I must confess at times, I feel like I’m bothred, but I dare not express my feelings into words, for I fear a hurt to her feelings. So I just wrap my hands round her and give her good attention.

She believes every bit of what I say, especially the Bible stories and she asks a lot of sincere questions. She doesn’t want to offend me. I can see the expression on her face when I scare her with my legendary, “I will not play with you again”. Then I quickly add, “If you are a good girl.”

I’m talking about my little cousin. And also about children generally. I’m fascinated by their simple lives, yet more interested in Jesus’ instruction about the kingdom of God, He said: “I tell you the truth, you must change and become like little children. Otherwise, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

I love kids.

They point me to the kind of character God wants me to have. Unlike grownups – once we cross the toddler years, the innocence fades. We begin to think we can handle life ourselves. We plague ourselves with doubts within and fears without. We always ask why? before we do what God says. We begin to question and sulk terribly at every reprimand. We do things in our own way – and we self-destruct.

How do we receive God’s kingdom [all of God’s plans, graces, promises, purposes and blessings for our lives]? It is to accept it in the simplicity of a child – with utmost trust and happiness and eagerness.

If we say that God, the father has our best interest at heart, then, shouldn’t you, the child ought to believe him completely?

Happy weekend,

Happiness (snippets)

Today, I share a line that is similar to the crux of my new book, Donut.

We all have a longing in life. We all wake up to a new day, wishing that yesterday was better than the terrible day it was. Maybe a colleague got on your nerves, your child threw a tantrum on the store, you heard that you would need to resit that exam, or your parent or loved one took ill or died.

Even pleasant experiences of yesterday fuels something in us in the New day- a resolve to go through the day again, perhaps, a hope that it will be good or better this time. So we peel the covers to face the sunrise rather than end it all in the basement.

Sadly, we face the day to chase education, reputation, career, health, salary, business, wealth and all sorts of other things- hoping that they will fill our heart with something significant. More frequently, we hit roadblocks, frustration and disappointment, even at our peak.

People chase a lot of things, but what they truly want and need is happiness. There is only little a higher figure on pay stub or a fatter bill folder can achieve. It, at best, gives a transient feeling that ends when there is a greater expenditure.

Happiness is found in fitting a square peg in a square hole.

Happiness is found in seeking the purpose for which we are created.

Happiness is what drives a wealthy American businessman when he goes on a short summer mission trip to Seirra Leone, returns to the USA, but feels his heart still beating for the poverty stricken, epidemic plagued people of the African country. He is no longer the same until he frequently finds his way back to Africa. He found happiness in putting smiles on the face of the Orphans and less privileged.

Happiness is implicated when a man leaves his lucrative carrer for a creative career which pays less, but puts more meaning in people’s lives.

Happiness is when a boy or girl finds Christ and stick to him through her youthful years, living the adventure only a heir can enjoy.

We all could use happiness. We all must find it. Or else…


Happiness is found in finding GOD and His purpose for our lives, and pursuing its fulfillment with a fervour that can only come from a heart consumed by love.

“Matthew 6:33”

Are you truly happy?


P.S. Can you share with me what changes you made in your life in the past that has shown you what happiness truly is?

Introducing “Snippets”


I’m trying a new thing on the heirwalk blog. For uhm… I don’t know how long, I will share some thoughts, prayers and anecdotes (both personal and excerpted) in typographic form.


HeirWalk is simply a journey through life’s uncharted terrain with God as my guide. In heirwalk snippets (this initiative), I want you to, at least, observe and pick a thing or two from my journey.

Watch out for it as often as the Muse suggests something to me.