The Call of Duty

Hello friend,

I love soldiers – and I figure every Christian is a soldier on the battle field. This is a poem about relentless pursuit of the goal. Enjoy!


I can hear the call of duty: the call to live-circumspect

I submit my utmost [and not-so utmost] for His highest

When duty calls, lassitude stings

And mediocrity tastes less palatable

It is time to gather the armaments,

And mend the broken pitchers

For it is time to go to the from the streams

To bring in draughts of knowledge

Drink deep, for a little learning is dangerous

Company with the wise – learn of the ancients,

of the Glory of diligence and consistency

Connect to the vine, and be nourished

That you may bear fruit that will abide

It is time to dust the brazen instruments

The trump of war-sounds blows true

The thump of the foot-soldiers approaches

And the stampede of the war-stallions

Heralds the great conquest

The commander calls for a forward march

Straighten feeble hands and confirm wriggly knees

Draw your weapons and fight!

Remembering that it is a fight of victory

It is a must-win!

How can a Christian remain true to the call of duty?