What I want

I will go straight to the point.

Jesus lived his whole life in God’s will, which included living exclusively in Israel, but his message travelled round and into the whole world. He wasn’t a noisemaker, but when he spoke, it was with the authority of a life well-lived.

As a creative person, or a person of purpose, you may or may not be able to travel around the world, but if you live your daily life within the confines of God’s will, your creation/message/ influence of your purpose will make it to places you cannot go!

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When God laid the burden of Donut on my heart, I wanted nothing than to write and bless lives with my words. While it took many years to publish my first book, seeing that I first picked up the pen to write in Elementary school, I can clearly see that my life is closely wrapped into my work.

I essentially bleed, else, my work would not be relevant. Even short pieces I post on social media or the longer pieces on my blog receive different reactions. While I check the stats, I pay close attention to which stats receive deeper responses from readers, and more often than not, those particular works have been dear to my heart in experience. They are usually what God has thought me in life, an offshoot lesson from a personal challenge, mistake or triumph.

Okay, straight to the point.

What do I want?

That my work will be more traveled than I. Actually, I pray that I have to struggle to catch up with its life-transforming tracks.

And the way to go about it is this: I have signed up for unrushed publication. I will pay attention to the quality of my life; explore the richness of faith, work, community, and relationships. I will simply submit to be a part of that big dream God has for mankind. I will learn wisdom in the daily details and find genuine fulfillment every step of the way – so that when it’s time to publish the next best thing, my words may carry much weight and authority like was said of Jesus’ words.

This is my calling.

– Joshua