Time to sow seeds



Sowing seeds are not the most exciting times of a farmers’ year. But for an insightful person, it’s one of the most significant events in the planting season.

As I started 2016, God laid on my heart that this is a time to sow seeds. My skype status still bears these words: a time to sow seeds. Maybe I can share a little about seeds…

Basically – you dig up some earth and leave a couple of good seeds in the ground to germinate (that’s the simple way to put it).

But it doesn’t end there.

Sowing is hard, because of the waiting. As your seed drinks in nutrients from the deep, you will think it sprouts up immediately.

No. You will look left and right – and see other people’s plants sprouting. But yours is still level ground. Actually, below level ground.

And, since you and God are growing an oak tree from a tiny acorn (or an orange tree from seeds), you’re in for the long but immensely rewarding haul. It’s not going to be like the speed of a maize shoot. Except you are growing maize.

In fact, if you patiently submit to God’s process, you will find yourself having the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to mature alongside the tree, which, though small at first, will in time become a massive fixture in your neighborhood and a gift to be passed on to future generations.

As it grows, you have the chance to take an active role in the natural beauty of the tree’s life cycle. When your tree stands tall among the woods and continues to give fruit and shade decades after twenty life-cycles of maize, you will have a sturdy life with wisdom to back it up.

It’s my time to sow seeds.

I think it is yours too.



I promised to put up the first post of GRAVITY today. Here it is: for some, this post or series will be new information. For others, a reminder or a “jut from the rut”. Whichever class you fall into, make sure you do something significant with the knowledge you will gain.

At least share with someone.

Yesterday, our key word was “apple” and our key person was “Isaac Newton.” I’ll pick it up from there.


I don’t know what really happened. But whatever really happened, Newton realized that some force must be acting on falling objects like apples because otherwise they would have stayed up. So that birthed the idea of the force of gravity. Bingo!

Do you have a ball or a pencil around you? Or anything you can afford to throw. Not your phone! Throw it up – What happened?

It came back down of course!

Planet earth is surrounded by an unseen area called the gravitational field that pulls everything towards the centre of the ground. This means that if you throw any object up, it always return down [no matter how long it takes to do so]. Even you, when you jump, will always come down, except you’re on the moon!

This force that pulls us back down is called the force of gravity [or gravitational force, pronounced /grávvətee/].
Now, I can hear you say: what is it about the science lecture? Yes, I’m glad you asked because that shows you are following me.

The sad appraisal

I have used the gravity illustration to depict the situation in the world today. There is gravity in the environment. It’s so dense but you can’t see it.

It’s in the media that tells you that you’re not cool until you are like that movie star or that musician. It lurks behind your ears telling you that you can’t make it because Dad’s out of job or mom’s sick and there’s no money. It’s in the voice that tells you that there’s nothing you can do about that bad habit you indulge in. It tells you there’s no bright future ahead, owing to your present family background.

And he tells you blah blah blah…

Most people’s lives are like this:
They are locked up within the Gravitational field of the world system and are revolving the vicious cycle of “Wake up – eat – go to school/work – endure your boss/classmates/co-workers – return to a home you wish you never belonged to –watch TV/Browse – Eat – Sleep – wake up all over again.”

Well… depending on how young or “exposed” you are, there are enough vices to go round in-between this daily routine.

While this is the reality of many young people, there is still a yearning for more than to run the rat race!

In the race of life, gravity is the sand in your shoes that slows you down and trips you up. You couldn’t get rid of it if you wanted you, and it’s annoying. It mocks you anytime you decide to leap. Allows you to hover and then gently caresses you down.

Gravity is the pull-me-down force. It reminds you that you came from a broken home, so you can’t expect much from life. And you buy into that lie. It connotes the same emotional response as sadness, low expectation, inferiority.

In the 19th century, I heard that gravity wasn’t so strong. Young people lived competent and confident and were eager and able to mature appropriately. A 14 year old could make great decisions of discipline and maturity. Not so now… I think Gravity got stronger!

We are trapped within the forces of gravitation, within the debased thinking the world system has moulded in our minds. We now live for less than we should – low expectations.

Aren’t you tired of the gravity pull?

To be continued tomorrow…

Keep thinking,
Toluwanimi Joshua Babarinde

Accident? No!

Hello Young people,
Listen to me this morning.

God is our father. We are the clay, and he is the potter. He made us. Isaiah 64:8

There’s no manufacturer that makes a product just for the fun of it. Everthing has a purpose.

Your life has a purpose. Rgardless of how you turned up on planet earth (unwanted pregnancy, unsuccessful abortion attempt or beautiful family) it can be any thing save an accident.

You are not an accident to God. He formed you for a purpose. Jeremiah 1:5. And you are uniquely fashioned with gifts and potentials that you ought to hone for the purpose you were created for- to His glory.

But first you must acknowledge that maker in your life. You must connect.

The world system, which did not create you has fashioned an alternate reality of low expectations. The Nigerian dream- they have told you that you need be a doctor, lawyer or engineer to be successful. They have made you think that you need to match up to that celebrity’s figure eight before you can be beautiful and confident and suited for that job.

They have constructed a typical home front before you which is downright dysfunctional. They tell you that ladies were created to be used and exploited by men. They told you that men were made to be horrible bosses.

They have sold you the idea that teenagers were made for foolishness and stupidity. They have turned your home to a boxing ring because they say there has to be friction between parents and teenagers.

Look at the present society- violence, low self esteem, depression amongst other psychiatric illnesses, frustration, pervasive emptiness and mediocrity in an all-encompassing rat race.

Can’t you see it’s not working?

God’s got a better way, that supersedes your wildest dreams of a good life. 1 Corinthians 2:9. It’s all enconpassing, balanced, and custom-made. Its just perfect. Coming to Him will make you forget your wandering in the world… No matter how long you have been doing that.

Turn to God today and let him breathe fulfillment into your life. He will teach you how to do life.

Connect. Learn. Grow. shine.

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God loves you,

Reading Culture


I remember when I was in primary school, I had to beg for books to read from rich friends in my class – all the Enid Blyton books; famous five, secret seven, R.L. Stines, Goosebumps – all the local books too [Tunde on the run, Eze goes to school etc.]. I scoured the library for the encyclopaedias and practically consumed every book that passed in front of my nose.

I remember when I was in secondary school; the wife of the then state governor invited us for a reading programme. We were encouraged to read because “Readers are Leaders.”

I read and read and read and it really paid off. Reading taught me proper diction, comprehension, vocabulary and grammar in my formative years, it gave me knowledge of the world out there even when my parents kept us at home. It exposed me to broad and sharp ways of thinking outside the box, and helped me weigh matters more objectively. Reading made me fearless in class and before my examiners. Reading has formed me greatly, no doubt about that.

Last year, I made a summer trip to Texas, US, and from the day I met my cousins, they all had books in hand, and the first place we visited after my arrival was the library! They picked 20 books [comics included]! No wonder their minds are sharp. They think wide and broad – they are star bound!

Something must be done about the reading culture of Nigerian young people. We do not read! Simple as that. From the word go, parents have not persuaded their children to read. They have not encouraged them with book gifts. It is not doing good!

Ask a Nigerian schoolchild to tell you about meteors or asteroids or types of snakes or the currency/independence history in Nigeria. He probably does not know. Alternatively, he will tell you he has not been taught in class.

I remember the after exam periods, instead of playing rough and getting injured, I move to the library and read – of the first woman to fly over the English Channel, of Dinosaurs etc.

In the absence of real experiences, books suffice [I knew about differing time zones, planes and cloud types before I actually saw them in reality].

It even affects the spiritual: young people now know next to nothing about God’s word. They do not even know the number of books in the Bible and their classifications. They do not know the commonest Bible stories of all time. They cannot even open the Bible without looking at the table of content.

However, I am looking forward to a great change with the release of my book, Donut, and to see to it that teenagers READ the book! There is a great transformation awaiting them within the pages of the book.

Let there be a revival of the reading culture.



P.S: Sign up to be a part of the Campaign Team. Email joshuababarinde@gmail.com and we will send you a form.

What is your occupation?


I’m sure you have had to fill forms in the past.

How do you feel when you get to the “What is your OCCUPATION” question?

When I was in my teens, I always wondered what they expected me to write. What else? Student of course. I used to envy those who were able to write Doctor, or engineer, or teacher. One day, I will be like them.

But, now, I’m over twenty and I still have to write student, thanks to the prolonged school calendar. But I do not wish anymore that I’m able to quickly write a profession.

I reckon that the forms are asking me for an occupation, not profession.

What is an occupation?

Dictionary says it’s a job – the job by which somebody earns a living; or an activity – an activity on which time is spent.

So, always, I type in STUDENT – I do not earn money for it, but I spend time on it.

But really, I’m a student.

I spend.

Most days, I stay awake into the night or early morning, working on an article, studying my Bible or reading up medical texts, doing some blogging, helping people, designing or internet research, I see myself working.

I spend time.

More than once, my phone has beeped at night, a friend messaging to ask what I’m doing, awake, when I ought to be sleeping. My reply is always “I’m working.”

I’m sure they wonder what “work” it is, but just do not press further.


I have an occupation.

I spend discipline.

To many young people, anything that does not bring immediate bucks into your pocket isn’t an occupation. They hear occupation and they see money. But really, your occupation is the work you are occupied with now. Do not wish for the greener grass at the other side.

And it is good for the young to submit to the yoke of his discipline. Lamentations 3:27 [CSB]

But really, what is your occupation, young people?

For most of us, we would check one or more of these things:

School. Personal development. Healthy Relationships. Spiritual Growth. Positive Friendships. Maybe for some, marital engagement.

Where you are at present is your occupation. Embrace it. Commit to the process. Commit to diligence and anticipate the rewards coming ahead. Spend time and discipline.

In reality, do not just absentmindedly fill your forms. Set your heart upon your occupation. As long as it is a pathway to somewhere greater or more financially rewarding, it’s worth sticking with.

Yes, there’s a right time and way for everything, even though, unfortunately, we miss it for the most part. Ecclesiastes 8:6 [MSG]

Remember, this time is not a vacation; it is a time to build a strong foundation for your life. Trump instant pleasure and go for delayed gratification. It lasts longer.

Connect to God. Learn. Grow. Shine.

 Buzz word: Your occupation will always pay you later on.



Introducing ‘The Donut Project 2014’

Hello everyone!

This is a message every young person needs to hear. Take a break. Pause and consider this before you move on with your life; before you take your next decision. This message will determine what you will make of the rest of your life. Whatever your reaction is to the message, it will affect you. It will touch you and grip you by your broken point and touch that sensitive part of your make-up!

It’s the story of the ring Donut.


Can you describe this lip-licking picture- what does this look like?

Well, if you said it is a box of ring donuts – round, puffy, glazed with ice toppings and chocolate spread or coconut crusts and candy streaks, you are right. It’s probably hot and freshly baked.

Hanson Gregory is referred to as the American inventor of the ring donut. The 16-year old sailor at that time disliked the raw centre of regular donuts so he invented the ringed donut by creating a hole with a tin pepperbox. No more raw-core donuts.

But then, he also helped illustrate the world’s most important question, which I did not mention in my description – It has a hole in the centre. Round, puffy, glazed with ice toppings and chocolate spread or coconut crusts. Hot freshly baked…

BUT has a hole in the centre!

Imagine a boy [or girl] like that – who has all he could ever ask for in life – wealth, beauty, intelligence, ideas… that chap will be the coolest guy on the block. But if he has got a hole at the centre of his heart, it’s really not worth it!


Looking Inwards

The teen years are like a trip down a hallway lined with doors. Behind each door lurks a temptation. Drugs, alcohol, sex outside marriage, and many others. Those doors used to be open only a crack. Today, they’ve been taken off their hinges. As you move into your teen years, to high school and beyond, you will walk down that hallway. Temptations will glitter and sparkle from all sides. The doors don’t carry signs that warn you of the consequences of the temptation, which can change your life in an instant and forever. You will have to choose whether to walk into the rooms, or with God’s help, to resist and walk straight down the hallway.

– Katherine Winkler 

Today’s teenagers are so… well, how would you describe them anyway. I’m just 22 but I feel like 50 in terms of the gap between my era and the blossoming generation of teens.

Seriously, there is a huge difference in the challenges and peculiarities of teenagers today. The internet was not much of a big deal in my teenage years. We weren’t that exposed to technology that was still in its formative stages in Nigeria anyway. Life was paced slower – and you didn’t have as much freedom to do whatever you liked. There was guidance from an elder on what to do. You really didn’t have to question what elders told you about life – they were right for the most part.

Not now! The lid has been flung off – there’s so much information and freedom of choice that we often leave truth aside. Parents are no longer at home with the children – they are on the rat race to put food on the table.

You know how it is now – even the primary school kid has an android – information is at your fingertips. Every young person wants to be on TV or at least wants to be a star. Fashion, sex, and money are topics not whispered anymore. It’s everywhere in the media and the young people are glaring at it.


But then, this is great! It’s great to be strong and to want to make an impact.

Knowledge, technology and freedom by far brings out the best in young people. The internet has made it easy for teens to be heard. But then, it’s also bringing out our worst. It’s influencing us more negatively than positively. It’s making us dummies at heart – devoid of truth.

In my days [I’m not that old], we did more of outdoor games. We related with peers on a face-to-face basis. We understood what it meant to sweat and get our hands covered in dirt and happiness and to run upstairs to wash up and clean up the house when Dad honks as the car approaches. He didn’t want us to play ball always.

In my time [some years ago anyway] TV programmes were censored. We had limited channels and even more limited access to those – not that there wasn’t pornography or nudity or all those vices, but it’s now thrown open in the street – on every billboard, every movie screen, every internet page, and every fashion fad.

Teenage pregnancy was a big deal then because we had just few cases. Now, there’s no shame in it anymore. More teenagers are getting involved in sex as lesser ages – and they know how to conceal it from their parents.

If only we could realize that this freedom is boring a large hole at the core of our being. While it’s glazing us all up and making us ‘tusher’, it’s making us like ringed donuts – puffy, glazed and iced on the outside but empty at the core!

Young people take pride in their strength, but the gray hairs of wisdom are even more beautiful.

 – Pro 20:29 CEV

Teenage life is the best of all – it is the period of your strength. You can do all you want to do! You can achieve big things with your life you can dream big and go to work to make it a reality. Don’t waste the energy on the empty life.

Let me share a bit of my insights with you so that you can at least weigh the pros and cons of this great life ahead of you and make a right choice!

Technology and globalization has by far brought out the best in us. Let’s not allow it to make us worse.

Emptiness and Evil has been painted colourful these days. Peer pressure, Sex, Drugs, Rebellion, romance. We faced these too, but then, you are facing a gamut of other things.

I feel for you, friends!

A lesson from the Megaloblast.

I happen to be a medical student and I glean many life lessons from school. Folic acid and Vitamin B12 are essential to red blood cell production. In the deficiency of these substances in our bodies, the red cell nuclei development is impaired. While the red cell cytoplasm grows, its genetic maturation isn’t so upbeat. Megaloblastic Anaemia means the red cells show delayed nuclear and functional maturation relative to cytoplasm due to defective DNA synthesis.

In essence, the red cell [megaloblast] is puffy outside, but defective at the core. So it can’t function and survive as it should. You know, megaloblasts are like ring donuts. They are puffy, glazed, iced but have a hole at their centre – empty at the core.

Young people are energetic and committed to what they love. I’m sure you want your life to make meaning… but then, the world today has found a way to always squeeze us into the mold of materialism and instant gratification.

We have been made to believe that young people are clueless about life. I agree that most young people are actually clueless. But I have also always seen young people being used by God in the Bible.

So the disadvantage is not the young age, but the godlessness – the depravity of our world that has eaten deeply into the crevices of our being. We get the stuffs, but within, we are sad and pressed behind. The media thinks we are no good so it paints a picture of what we should be – slim, lazy, crazy!

That is why I’m launching the Donut Project – a rebellion against the Donut life – which is empty even though it might be cool…


I am so passionate about young people. Since I left secondary school, I have had the passion burning within – which has refused to be extinguished. I want you to make a great influence in life, to fulfil purpose – to be the right teenager!

Without GOD, you might be puffy all right – fabulous, rich, brilliant, boxed up, handsome or beautiful – but nonetheless EMPTY.

So, I’m creating a blog on www.eatyourdonut.wordpress.com

This blog will feature articles and awareness that will lead to the release of my first book by the name Donut, which itself is not the end, but a means to an end. Give it a try – follow me on the blog or Facebook. You will not regret a minute of your time, I promise!

From one person God made all nations who live on earth, and he decided when and where every nation would be. God has done all this, so that we will look for him and reach out and find him. He isn’t far from any of us,

– Acts 17:26-27 [CEV]

I will post regular articles, updates and awareness about this move out of the empty life. I wish you would check it out as soon as possible and follow the blog. At least see what this is all about – you might not know the impact this is going to have on your life for good.

Tomorrow, we will discuss more! Check back please.



Forgotten treasures 1

This morning, I remembered a primary school song that we used to sing on the assembly almost every week. We learnt it by repetition and it was ingrained on our young hearts. But more than a decade from then, the meaning of the song and others like it seems to have been forgotten by the now young adults of today. It reflects in our lifestyle, thought patterns and belief systems -the timeless truths about God that these songs bear have been buried behind our faced paced minds, dusty from misuse. I want to invite us to dig out these treasure-laden songs again, or at least follow the series of blog posts titled Forgotten Treasures where I will try to recollect and consider the meaning of these songs again. My hope is that God uses these posts to stir up a seekers heart in us again and put a red ember of reawakening in the white ash of our hearts. Amen Song 1: Day by Day Day by day dear Lord God, these three things I pray: to SEE thee more CLEARLY LOVE thee more DEARLY FOLLOW thee more NEARLY DAY by DAY. This little primary school often forgotten prayer song holds the key to abundant life! It tells of the formost priority of every Christian-to seek God and to desire to want more of Him daily. Matt. 6:33. What are your priorities in this fast-paced jet age? What do you seek after? What do you want so badly in life? A job witha better pay package? A new car? Another house? A BlackBerry or iphone (or the more recent Samsung Galaxy series)? A wife? Someone once said that you can get anything you want only if you want it so badly. But is life about desperation- chasing, acquiring, chasing again – or is there something greater than that? Like devotion to God’s purpose? True joy and happiness comes from seeking the right things- filling the God shaped vacuum in our hearts with God. Today I encourage you to seek after the expedient – to SEE God more CLEARLY LOVE Him more DEARLY FOLLOW Him more NEARLY… And to do it day by day. Have a purposeful weekend, Toluwanimi